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ENGINEERING: Cutting Edge Cooling Solutions Launched on the Local Market


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Following the international launch of several cutting edge cooling solutions, Johnson Controls Systems and Service Division took its latest offerings to market at a series of local events which took place from 6-10 June in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Gaborone.

The events were held for 170 key customers across the region to highlight the latest features and advanced environmental sustainability of the products, which included two high efficiency air cool chillers, a centrifugal magnetic bearing chiller, the innovative rooftop air conditioning package unit and an enhancement to Johnson Controls' building management system (BMS), Metasys, to optimise chiller plants.

The Development of These Cooling Systems

Says Neil Cameron, General Manager at Johnson Controls Systems and Service:
"Johnson Controls has invested significant time, effort and funding into the research and development of new products to meet the changing needs of the global market. This event was designed to showcase these new products to our key customers in the region, including distributors, consultants, installers, resellers and end users and create awareness of our updated offering."

One of the most notable developments in the new products from Johnson Controls is their increased levels of sustainability, in line with a growing global trend towards great environmental consciousness.

"Our new chiller units use significantly less gas than previous models, which means dramatically reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less pollution and a decreased carbon footprint. We have also focused on reducing noise output on our cooling systems, lowering noise pollution, which is particularly important in residential areas," Cameron adds.

The Offerings and Return of The Cooling Systems

During the event attendees were taken through an overview of the new products and their value proposition, the features and functionality of the offerings as well as expected return on investment. High energy savings were a focus - something which is of growing interest in the local market given the rising utility costs. Products showcased at the event included the YMC2, YVAA and YLPA chillers, the Tempo Heat Pump as well as the Activa Rooftop unit.

The unveiling of these products at local events highlights Johnson Controls' commitment to the environment and shows the company's strong focus around developing products that are effective, silent, sustainable and energy efficient.

"The event was very successful and proved informative and insightful for all who attended. The launch of these cooling systems was the perfect platform to touch base with our key clients and show them what Johnson Controls has to offer in the modern world," Cameron concludes.


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