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CSI: Mango Provided with a Social Responsibility Solution


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The privately owned South African management consulting company, The IQ Business Group has on request from Mango Airlines created a CSI initiative for the national carrier.

The scheme that The IQ Business Group is to implement nationwide is according to their previous successes in similar feeding scheme initiatives. “We believe that through our feeding scheme implementation, we can provide a community with a living example of a sustainable means of survival,” says Caryn Davies from The IQ Foundation, The Group’s CSI practice.

Far from a vegetable patch and watering can in the corner of the yard the implementation includes a number of aspects working together and creating a logical and natural system. This system will demonstrate, while teaching, the concepts of limited resources and sustainability. Once up and running the system will ensure struggling communities become more self sufficient.

The Purpose of Mango Airlines Social Responsibility Drive

The IQ Business Group believes that the resulting self sufficiency will assist in alleviating poverty within communities by helping them to feed themselves. The simple three facets of a Veggie Tunnel, Wormery and Rain Catchment System are supported by easy to follow maintenance procedures. The system is geared towards continuous reward.

How does The IQ Business Group know this? It has been involved in over twelve feeding scheme implementations since 2007 at both schools and community centres in rural areas. The main concern is that the sustainability and simple attainable measures are taken to ensure this.

Community responsibility is headed up by a permanent caretaker who looks after the overall scheme while also watering and feeding twice a day. The community chips in daily with a food source for the worms to convert to fertiliser, as they bring their organic waste and paper. The worms are capable of processing a large wheelie bin in a week in warmer climates.

Watering initially is twice a day but once established and functioning on organics the watering is reduced. To assist with this a rain water tank is installed as a secondary source to either municipal or borehole water.

Dependable Service for Mango and its Social Responsibility

Implementation is rapid in this climate of service delivery problems. The IQ Business Group engages with the community in which the implementation will be conducted. They also take care of the sourcing, procurement and delivery of raw materials required. The rain catchment system is implemented with assistance from the service provider. Guidance in the installation of the wormery and the veggie tunnel on the day is also provided by the relevant service providers. Labour is to come from Mango and the community, bringing with it ownership in a partnership.

The IQ Business Group, Mango and its social responsibility drive, has based their approach on The Natural Step Framework by Swedish scientist Karl-Henrik Robert to assist and guide society towards a just and sustainable future.


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