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INFOTECH: Data Security - a Business Necessity


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A critical question facing businesses these days is whether they have sufficient data security. A lapse in data security could come with heavy consequences - the financial cost of data recovery, the legal consequences if compliance requirements can no longer be met, and possible long-term damage to a hard-earned reputation.

While there are services companies that sell data protection in various forms, a single product allows companies to protect servers, business-critical applications, desktops and notebooks. Roxio Retrospect allows users to protect and back up data and files on both Macs and Windows PCs.

What Retrospect Offers in Terms of Data Security

“Roxio Retrospect is intended for use at home or at small to mid-sized businesses and is programmed to automatically groom data to guarantee you always have sufficient hard drive space,” explains Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of local distributor Phoenix Software. “Roxio Retrospect has been programmed with many inviting features and, unlike other programs designed to do a lot, Roxio Retrospect avoids the trap of stretching itself too thin and performs well across the board. Data and files are automatically backed up and easily retrieved should calamity strike your system.”

Retrospect allows users to back up Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, and NetWare computers with a Windows host computer, ensure the security of data with the highest level of government standard 128- or 256-bit AES encryption, completely restore a previously backed up computer that has failed with the Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD, and backup virtual machines with built-in VM support. In addition, Roxio Retrospect allows users to manage a single or multiple backup servers remotely.

Data Security Made Easy

“Monitoring backups on-the-fly is easy with free iPhone app and e-mail notification, and it is simple to maintain backup media with the built-in management capabilities. Retrospect also allows users to automatically groom data to ensure that they never run out of hard drive space, and 32- or 64-bit versions can be installed, depending on the needs,” says Campbell-Young.

Ask yourself the following questions: Is your data protected in the event of fire or flood? Are your CDs and DVDs encrypted in case they are lost or stolen? Do you sanitise hard drive data prior to repurposing or disposal? If the answer to any of these was “no”, Retrospect is a necessity for your business to guarantee you data security.

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