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INDUSTRY: Compressors & Generators Play a Role in Scheduled Shutdowns


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Customers such as Sasol place great emphasis on consistent quality service during their scheduled shutdowns. Rand-Air supplied a number of compressors and generators for another shutdown at Sasol during March 2011.

A complete shutdown of the West Side occurs every four years. This is alternated with a complete shutdown of the East Side. In the intervening period, phased smaller scheduled shutdowns take place in each section.

“Carefully defined planning is crucial for a shutdown of this magnitude,” says San-Marie Brink – Resource Hub Group Leader at Sasol Shared Services. “Because the plant can only function at partial capacity during the shutdown period, we need to minimise downtime by ensuring we have access to the best service providers on the market.”

Providing the Best Possible Customer Service in Scheduled Shutdowns

“We can proudly say that we have earned our stripes over the past 20-year association with Sasol. In addition to the major scheduled shutdowns, we are also on-site on an almost-continual basis throughout the year,” says Anle Smit – Sales Consultant at Rand-Air.

Louwrens Erasmus, GM of Rand-Air points out that the 111 generators and 123 compressors supplied to the recent shutdown are considered leading-edge in their market category.

“We place great emphasis on uncompromising customer service. This not only entails understanding and delivering on our clients’ exacting needs and demands, but also on the quality and reliability of the products we supply.”

Louwrens explains that the company has a policy of sourcing the most recent models from parent company Atlas Copco. “We are often the first local rental company to introduce new technologies to the South African market. This is an important differentiator for us, and provides our clients with the advantage of using the latest updates in product enhancements. In addition, we regularly service our equipment and replace older models with new models as and when they become available.”

Anle says that the compressors were used to provide various services throughout the West Side; and a number of Atlas Copco oil free compressors were specified for the sandblasting of the oil tanks. “The remaining compressors were used to provide compressed air to the impact wrenches, wash bay and cleaning equipment on site.

The Reason for the Scheduled Shutdowns

The generators, in turn, were used to provide power when maintenance work was underway in sections which had no available power. This was supplied for the welding equipment, as well as for additional lighting when required by the maintenance team.”

In addition to two on-site Rand-Air technicians, Anle ensured that client expectations were met by visiting the site on a daily basis. An on-site container was also stocked with all the spares and equipment that Rand-Air could conceivably need for the duration of the project.

“This one-on-one service is immensely comforting and sets Rand-Air apart from many other companies in the market,” says San-Marie.

“The combination of enthusiastic and experienced personnel involvement, coupled with a range of equipment that can only be described as excellent, resulted in optimally minimised breakdown periods. Ultimately, Rand-Air has played an extremely important role in ensuring that the scheduled shutdowns were expedited as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Rand-Air Louwrens Erasmus concludes.

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