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EXPO: DigitalLife Expo: the Ultimate Digital Technology Experience


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Digital technology is built into 21st century life and nowhere will this be better demonstrated than at South Africa’s premier digital lifestyle showcase, DigitalLife Expo 2011, from 2–4 December at the Coca-Cola dome in Johannesburg.

This year a host of world-firsts, including live events, workshops and the new Digi Zones, will add rich flavour to a programme that is designed to entice visitors to interactively experience the possibilities inherent in digital living before purchasing new technology.

There's Something for Everyone at the DigitalLife Expo

DigitalLife Expo content manager and Digi Zone creator, Simon Dingle, says, “Consumerisation is a central, driving force in technology today. You don’t have to be a geek to be interested in smartphones, games and computer devices. Things are moving at a rapid pace and some amazing new technologies are sometimes overlooked because it is difficult to keep up. So we’ve gone out to find the most amazing – and surprising new technologies and we’re putting them in our Digi Zones for visitors to experience first-hand.”

Digi Zones

Augmented Reality (AR) Digi Zone: An enhanced world, where AR applications superimpose a new, instantaneous digital reality on visitors’ own real-world experience. See AR in action at

Digital Enters Life Digi Zone: Fun and games as visitors are able to stride into a larger-than-life-size level of an all-time favourite video game with some surprises along the way.

Geek Goods Digi Zone: A geek Utopia, where the latest tech toys are demonstrated and sold. A must for gadget addicts who want to get their hands on the most amazing tech and digital lifestyle toys and accessories available.

Mind Control Digi Zone: Where visitors use their minds to control computers and move objects.

Retro Gaming Digi Zone: The twilight world of the 80s gaming arcade, complete with all-time greats such as Pacman and Space Invaders for visitors to play.

Lifestyle Robots Digi Zone: All the latest consumer robots from digital pets to cleaning bots.

What the DigitalLife Expo Offers

Add to this a series of consumer technology consumer workshops, expo dates designed to capture festive season spending, and a bigger venue to accommodate more events and exhibits, and DigitalLife Expo 2011 is the most relevant consumer tech event on South African soil.

Dingle concludes: “Visitors to the expo are curious and motivated buyers who are interested in consumer electronics, computing, mobile, home automation, imaging and communications technologies.”

Ranka Jovanovic, editorial director of ITWeb, the organisers of DigitalLife Expo adds, “We are pulling out all the stops to create a must-see and must-be-seen-at technology event, presenting a unique experience for SA’s tech enthusiasts, and a unique marketing and sales platform for tech companies. If you’re a serious tech player, your brand should be represented at the DigitalLife Expo.”

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