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CONTACT CENTRES: Low-Cost, High-Quality Voice Make the Perfect Contact Centre


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Rewardsco provides outbound telesales services to South African corporates, mainly in the telecommunications and insurance sector and now they’re looking to create the prefect contact centre. Telecommunications is a major component of its overall costs.

“We use a lot of telco minutes, and the costs really matter,” says Rewardsco director Jayson Naidoo. “But even more important than absolute cost is flexibility – Vox Orion was the first vendor prepared to offer us flexible contract terms, which in the depth of the recession was very important to our business.”

Low Fees for the Perfect Contact Centre

Including the cost of technology in the monthly fee made the Vox Orion proposition even more attractive, says Naidoo. “Provided we bought a certain number of minutes we didn’t have to worry about the cost of the hardware – there was no capex investment. It’s Vox Orion’s equipment, provided at their cost and their risk and they maintain it. We just buy the minutes; it makes a nice change for us not to have to worry about the technology. Early adoption of a near opex model made this very attractive.”

Response Time and Service the Key to the Perfect Contact Centre

“Other service providers eventually caught up to Vox Orion’s keen pricing, but their response times and service have kept them ahead of the pack,” adds Naidoo. “In our business every minute of downtime costs us revenue, so having such a reliable service provider makes a huge contribution to our survival.”

Naidoo notes that “when the lines go down, they’re up again very quickly – but for the most part the lines are stable with minimal downtime. In addition Vox Orion has built in a fair amount of redundancy at their own cost.”

The ability to scale up and down to match demand is another aspect of flexibility that Naidoo values. “Our business is variable by its nature: When a big project comes along we need to be able to scale up at short notice, then scale back down again when the peak demand is over. With Vox Orion it just takes one phone call.”

“There are many service providers offering minutes these days,” concludes Naidoo. “I get calls almost weekly and I do use secondary providers. But Vox Orion has managed to retain its position as a Tier 1 provider to Rewardsco, which is quite an achievement. It’s a hard position to keep.” This then just shows how Vox Orion has help develop and has put Rewardsco well on its way to having a near perfect contact centre.

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