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CONSULTING: CG Consulting Doesn’t Want Christmas to Creep Up on You


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Time flies, the expression says. That is especially true at this time of year, with only four months left until the Christmas shutdown. Businesses have only 16 weeks left to tie down their sales and achieve their annual targets. You may not want to think about it, and your customers probably also aren’t thinking about it, but preparation for the festive season now will ensure that December is not the traditionally slow month many businesses expect it to be.

“Many sales professionals, managers, and business owners anticipate a slow December by budgeting and preparing their staff for the inevitable. It seems as if everyone in the business community not only plans for this but accepts the notion that sales will be slow,” says Louise Robinson, Sales Director of CG Consulting, an outbound outsourced telemarketing company. “This doesn’t have to be the case if you ensure that you build a good enough pipeline over the next few months, and use this period to plan appropriately.”

The numerous public holidays at the end of the year inevitably lead to a time crunch as businesses around the country try to get business done and meet targets by the end of November, putting pressure on employees and customers alike. However, with careful planning and an awareness of the number of working days left in the year, this is easily avoided. Robinson points out that it is far more effective to build additional revenue in small increments than to attempt to reach a massive target in one month.

Plan Ahead with CG Consulting

“Remember the old adage: If you do what you have always done, you get what you have always gotten,” she says. “Rethink your approach by shifting your perception and create your own unique strategy for the next few months, avoiding the ‘Christmas rush’. Instead of reacting to the situation when there are only three weeks to go until Christmas, try shifting your efforts to uncover what needs to be done before the end of the year.”

She adds that the recession in the US and Europe, now threatening to double-dip, provides the same type of opportunity for proactive, rather than reactive, sales engagement. “The recession in America has a major knock-on effect in the rest of the world. While it can affect South African businesses negatively, it also provides them with an opportunity to grow and achieve higher goals.”

This approach means analysing what needs to be achieved, and how these results can be obtained, using every opportunity to plan for the future. Planning ahead is essential, so now is the time to build a sales pipeline for the rest of the year – even going into 2012. And for those businesses that don’t have the manpower or time to achieve this, companies like CG Consulting can do it for them.

The Services CG Consulting Offers

CG Consulting offers a customer-centric service to its clients that helps them find new and improved opportunities to market their products, increasing their customer bases and revenues at the same time. The company does not just provide databases, it is an outsourced/outbound lead-generation company that helps customers build their pipelines by doing all of the schlep work, conducting all the cold-calling and establishing of leads necessary. This provides clients with all the information necessary to make the sale. By taking on the time-consuming business of establishing the correct qualified leads, CG Consulting provides its customers with a priceless commodity: extra time. While CG Consulting has established itself as an IT-focused outbound outsourced telemarketing company, it has the data and expertise to service any client in any industry.

“As a smart business owner, it is your duty to prepare for the December slowdown. Planning months ahead will help to ensure that you reach your targets, and will also highlight any areas where a service consulting company can be of assistance. Try not to limit your sales by allowing Christmas to creep up on you and being caught out with too little time to achieve your goals. By using all the advantages a consulting company offers, you can make certain that you are equipped to manage the tough times and allow enough buffer to ride out the year-end rough patches,” Louise Robinson of CG Consulting concludes.

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