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COMMUNICATIONS: Visual Communications Division Launched By Vox Telecom


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The visual communications division, Vox Pureview, has been launched by Vox Telecom following the success of the Eyeris™ High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing. Vox Pureview is its new division aimed at driving business communication through innovative audio and visual solutions.

“Globally, visual communication and collaboration technologies have made vast improvements over the last couple of years. This has been driven by the increasing need to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity,” says Gene van der Walt Executive Head of Vox Pureview. “As a result, companies are now looking at visual communications as the next component in their unified communication strategy.”

Reason for Slow Growth of Visual Communications

“Despite the obvious benefits of the technology, uptake of visual communications has been slow for a number of reasons.”

1. Affordability
Up until now, the costs associated with visual communications, and particularly video conferencing and bandwidth, have been astronomical. In response to this, we have come up with flexible pricing structures whereby companies can benefit from the traditional CAPEX, or a Hosted and / or rental (OPEX) models making the technology affordable for everybody.

2. Bandwidth
Reliable bandwidth to ensure a quality user experience has always been an issue, but with major reductions in connectivity charges and costs across the telecoms sector, affordable bandwidth is no longer a limiting factor. Being part of the Vox Telecom Group, allows us access to expert network technical advice and an array of options ranging from ISDN to Broadband Satellite. This allows us to ensure connectivity issues are addressed properly.

Because of the increased overlap and interaction between the Data, Voice and Video platforms, we are now able, to assist companies in their long term UC strategies.

3. Ease of use
Due to the complexity of the adoption process, users experience a number of challenges with remote controls, system settings and the general fear of the unknown. To assist in the process, we enable the user to integrate the solution with familiar everyday products like Outlook and Lotus Notes. With the use of simple technologies like control panels and Interactive whiteboards, meetings can now be simple, easy and productive, allowing participants to receive a recorded version in their mailbox or browser, on the fly.

4. After-sales support
Traditionally, visual communications has been a technology driven by management to save costs, increase production and to lower one’s carbon footprint. However, up until now IT departments have been faced with the obstacle of implementing and supporting a technology that has very few skilled resources in the country, let alone their own department. This has caused more headaches than solutions and until now has been one of the main limiting factors in terms of the technology.

“Our skills base is what sets us apart in this space,” says van der Walt. ”We have a team of specialist engineers that offer extensive after-sales training and support giving our clients access to an impressive ‘Rapid Response Team’ that can service their needs within minutes, on a national basis. We also offer comprehensive SLAs making the transition process relatively painless.”

A Fresh Approach with Visual Communications

Flexibility is a key requirement for this industry, therefore depending on our client’s, we can scale a solution to suit their unique needs and address their requirements. From innovative desktop or mobile application on the iPhone or iPad, to advanced immersive teleprescence systems we are able to provide the best solution.
“High Definition Visual Communication and Collaboration is no longer limited to the corporate boardroom. Regardless of your size, budget, or structure, you can now benefit from world class audio, video and data conferencing experiences with a reliable solutions partner at your side,” says van der Walt. It therefore shows how they have contributed and developed the visual communications division of their company.


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