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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: How Safe is Your Company’s Intellectual Property?


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As the commercial landscape changes, so too do cyber-criminals change their attack vectors. Scott Martin, director of infoprotect says that most business premises are protected with security gates, burglar bars, alarm systems and armed response, however “The most damaging path into your business is through a network cable or wireless connection,” says Martin.

infoprotect is a newly established company that delivers high quality personalised business security solutions and services that are designed to reduce the operating risk of a company and complement existing business practices. The company’s tailor made solutions include end-point protection, email protection, encryption, back-up and recovery. Services offered by infoprotect are supported from implementation to configuration, through to monitoring, reporting and auditing.

Martin says that cyber security is no longer about protecting your IT infrastructure only, but protecting your intellectual property (IP) as well. “Your business connects to the outside world via the internet. It is however, the same method with which cyber-criminals and their malware connects with a company’s database, information and knowledge, ultimately compromising or stealing the company’s IP,” explains Martin.

“What consequence would there be if you arrived at work one morning to find that your company’s production database has been compromised? Or your network had been tampered with or corrupted? Copied, sold or even erased? How would this effect your business operations?” Asks Martin.

infoprotect follows a unique approach by immersing itself into an organisation and its security environment. “We learn from you, about your business and about your concerns and pains. The end-result is a business security solution that we design with you, not for you,” says Martin.

infoprotect combines best practice with effective and efficient communication, and focuses on enhancing security posture and optimising service delivery to assure an organisation’s business continuity while decreasing operating risk. “We remove the worries of business security and risk, so that you can focus on your business,” says Martin.

Key focus areas for infoprotect:

· End-point security, email cleansing, disaster recovery, data protection and encryption.

· Vendor specific security services, such as security health check, product installation, configuration and optimisation as well as education and change control.

· Non-vendor specific security services, such as policy creation and security audits.

· Security Service Level Agreements (maintaining strong security posture).

· SMB to Enterprise space (50 to 1000 computers), across all industries.

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