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VENTURES: Phoenix Software - Onward and Upward


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The first decade of the new millennium was subject to business excesses of record proportion. A microcosm of these excesses was in the mergers and acquisitions scene in the distribution sector. Whether the buzz word was acquisitions, accretive growth, or consolidation, the combination of speculative investment, inexpensive debt and unlimited borrowing fuelled an acquisitive boom. Today’s successful distributors, however, have mainly forged their accomplishments through organic growth and clever business.

Specialist IT distribution house Phoenix Software is a case in point. Phoenix Software’s growth has been steadily accelerating over the past two years as a result of careful strategic planning and implementation, explains the company’s CEO, Simon Campbell-Young. “Our success demonstrates our determination to establish a solid position in an environment that is not without its challenges, and represents significant opportunities in the medium to long-term, while reinforcing relationships with strategic suppliers.”

Phoenix Software has been successful in supplying solutions and products to retailers, resellers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). While ensuring that its fundamentals are always sound, the company has steadily increased its portfolio, offering a wider range to its customers. “Our steady growth has allowed us to look at taking on additional vendors and products, while keeping our focus on our core brands. This has resulted in a strengthening of our operation in addition to the substantial growth we have seen,” says Campbell-Young.

At the heart of its growth strategy is a healthy appreciation of the dynamics of the local market. Phoenix Software’s technical competence in its industry has created – and will continue to create – opportunities, while its understanding of the business environment it performs in has allowed to stay ahead of the pace. “We are able to provide vendors with efficient business strategies that are relevant, well-planned, and well executed,” Campbell-Young points out. “We are committed to supporting our vendors in every way we can, and boosting their efficiencies in the local market. The backingof a first-class distribution team is essential in the success of any product, and we provide that – and more.”

Far from resting on its laurels, the company is looking forward to even more growth through a comprehensive expansion plan that is set to catapult Phoenix Software into the distribution major leagues. “We have taken the first steps in the creation of a solid growth platform in a very dynamic market. Our success proves that we are approaching it in the right way, and we will continue to acquire new products that meet our quality standards and fit into our business. Our strategy will continue to centre around highly-reliable service and excellent products, allowing our customers to benefit from a wider range of products, improved services and greater proximity,” Campbell-Young says.

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