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INFOTECH: Soarsoft Delivers TransVault Insight


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Organisations today are faced with the challenge of email overflow, and in response, have either implemented an archive solution or are relying on personal archive files (aka PST files) in an effort to manage mailbox overload. Soarsoft Africa, a specialist in archiving, migration, messaging and collaboration, has introduced TransVault Insight - a new solution that assists companies to effectively manage their PST files, freeing up mail box space and delivering control.

Says Chris Hathaway, Director at Soarsoft Africa, "Many companies face the challenge of managing large and prolific numbers of PST files - the much-maligned file format that is often used by individuals to provide an overspill area for their mailbox. TransVault Insight provides companies with a tool to manage their PST files effectively without compromising the ability to backup and search for archived emails that reside in these files."

"In addition, the move to cloud computing, mergers and acquisitions and break-out from under-performing existing archive solutions, are driving customers to look for alternative archiving solutions but are unable to migrate due to vendor lock-in. TransVault Insight complements the TransVault offering as it supports the approach of multiple sources (now including PST files) as well as third-party party archive solutions from major vendors. This effectively allows customers to break out of 'vendor lock-in', providing them with choice and flexibility."

Already recognised for its email archive migration solution, the company has introduced Insight to deliver advanced capability for tackling PST files.

"PSTs are very widely used as a way of avoiding mailbox overload. They are, however, generally recognised in the industry as being a risky and sub-optimal storage option, with many shortcomings that make it difficult for organisations to backup, search and manage," explains Barney Haye, CEO of TransVault.

"Insight is designed for large enterprises that need to take control of distributed personal archives. We give them the option to manage PST files where they are, or move all or selected PST contents into a secure, central location, such as the new Exchange 2010 personal archive service," continues Haye.

In addition to letting organisations manage and migrate their PSTs, the important piece in the jigsaw TransVault Insight provides is visibility of the potential risk that PSTs pose to the business. This is especially the case for organisations that need to retain emails in accordance with legislation and be able to perform e-discovery.

Concludes Hathaway, "Emails that get put into PST files fly under the radar.
They are also a handy mechanism for exporting potentially critical intellectual capital within emails from an organisation. TransVault Insight puts organisations back in control of their email records: letting them see where PST files are undermining their records management policies; and then empowering them to take remedial action."

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