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TRAINING: The Power Of Focus - Developing the Motivation to Succeed


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"The ability to remain focused on a goal is by far one of the most important pre-requisites for success", says Femi Adebanji, and the great news is that the secret to developing the type of intense focus that achieves goals is in actual fact quite simple.

The simple secret to developing lazer-like focus that will make the achievement of goals occur much faster and easier, is to develop an overwhelming and compelling motivation. Once you understand exactly what you truly desire to achieve and why you need to achieve it, this singular motivation will create a focal point in your life to which all your energies are resources are directed. Once you become focused on the goal, time will fly past, you will find it easier to bounce back after temporary setbacks, nothing will seem to be able to hold you back. However, where someone does not have a clear and identifiable singular objective; and more importantly, why the want to achieve that particular objective, they will lack focus. They will drift from one idea to another, attempt numerous things and will never really see anything through successfully.

To achieve greater focus, you must understand why you want to achieve your particular goal or objective. For example, simply saying that you wish to be wealthy will never really translate to great wealth. Ask anyone and most will tell you that they too wish to be wealthy, yet spend the remainder of their lives chasing a dream that never materialises. Then you get the super-rich that account for a small fraction of the world’s population, that not only desire to be wealthy but actually achieve it. The fundamental differences between the two classes are as follows:

Those who have become truly wealthy didn’t just have a vague and fuzzy idea of becoming rich, they often put a number to how much they wanted to have and also put a time line to when they wanted to have such amount by. Now this creates an intense and powerful mind-shift that keeps their subconscious mind focused on two things – the amount and the time. Once the subconscious is in this state, it becomes highly receptive to ideas, circumstances and events that will thrust the individual to the attainment of their goal. This is in sharp contrast to majority of people who merely wish to be “rich” and a lack a definite objective.

Those who have become truly wealthy also started off knowing why they wanted to be wealthy. Many came from disadvantaged backgrounds and in order to break the cycle of poverty and lack, determined to do all that was within their power to become successful so that neither they nor their lineage would ever have to experience poverty again. For someone who truly knows what it means to lack, this can be a potent and formidable source of focus.

Finally, those who achieve success and wealth know that it happens by design and not by accident. Their focused state of mind allowed them to have a plan in terms of how to get there; either an idea, a business, an invention etc. You will be surprised at what the mind can come up with once you put it to task and keep it focused on one singular objective.

What the mind can conceive, the man can achieve.


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