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TENDERS: Ten Top Tips to a Better Tender Result


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The Independent Agency Search and Selection Company (IAS) hosted their second Masterclass for subscribing agencies on 26 May in which one of the topics of discussion was ‘Understanding How Best to Work with Procurement’.

Presenting this session, was Lawson Naidoo who has 18 years of Procurement / Supply chain Management expertise, predominately in the Public Sector environment. He gave a few tips on how organisations can make sure that tender documents are processed with no hold ups.

“The time and effort that is put into tender documents can enhance positive results for your tender being processed to the next level,” says Lawson Naidoo.

These are the Ten Top Tips that Naidoo, in conjunction with the IAS, have prepared for agencies:

· Closing time and date. Always make sure you adhere to the times and dates indicated. Set out early in order to meet the deadline and respect the fact that the Tender box will be closed at precisely the time that is indicated on the tender application. There is a whole system supporting the receipt of tenders.

· Bid conference, compulsory briefing. It is important that these briefings are attended where questions may be asked to obtain more clarity. More importantly, if you do not attend you will be disqualified

· Keep to the format. If you are able to keep to the format requested, your application will not be disqualified. Make sure that all of your documentation is bound into one or two strong folders so that pieces do not go missing during the tender process. Add any electronic material ie discs or flash drives into those folders and ensure they are strongly affixed. Otherwise they will get lost during the receipting of the tenders.

· Indicate compliance to requirement. Make sure that all compliance forms are filled in and signed. These are legal documents and no tender can proceed without them.

· Tax clearance certificate. These documents have to be in order to ensure your bid can be proceed. Make sure that the tax clearance has not expired. If it has you will be disqualified.

· BEE Certificates. Ensure that you have complied with requirements and make sure that your certificate is not out of date. If it has expired and you submit it, you will be disqualified.

· All bid forms completed and signed. All of these documents have to be completed correctly and signed.

· All supporting documents. Should your company belong to a professional body include these documents.

· Do not interfere with the procurement process. Regular follow ups are allowed but do not harass Procurement. Respect their processes. Do not call your contact at the company so that they then harass Procurement – it will not help.

· Ensure your contact details are correct and easy to find.

Johanna McDowell, CEO of the IAS adds, “ In a tender situation, there is always a lot of paper, binders and material. We advise agencies to ensure that their documents are ‘tender proofed’ as they are viewed frequently during the tender process and by a variety of different people at different stages. It is therefore quite easy for these documents to fall apart. That is then a real waste of effort,” she concludes.

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