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SECURITY: Zero Loss - What Manufacturers Should Aim For


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Creating a resilient IT environment is vital for any organisation but especially so for manufacturers. Downtime in the manufacturing industry can compromise safety, corrupt schedules and spoil products, with serious consequences to the company’s bottom-line.

Martin Kuhlmann, StorVault Country Manager, believes that manufacturers are not aware of the comprehensive and affordable disaster and recovery solutions available to them. With these solutions in place they can seriously limit or prevent the impact of downtime. “Many manufacturers do not have an appropriate disaster and recovery infrastructure and are thus in jeopardy of losing significant amounts of data and are often unable to operate for hours or even days when disaster strikes. The devastating effects this can have on a business can prove to be insurmountable if there is no disaster recovery plan in place,” says Kuhlmann.

He says that StorVault provides a cloud based, managed disaster recovery service called EVault “During downtime every second counts and with EVault’s Remote Disaster Recovery Service organisations are able recover critical systems and remote access via a secure and virtual environment.”

Earlier this year research was undertaken in the USA and UK on behalf of Axxana*, to investigate what issues are preventing companies from implementing zero data loss disaster recovery solutions. The survey revealed that end users still feel that achieving a zero data loss disaster recovery strategy is out of their financial reach.

“It’s true, many manufacturers still believe that an effective data loss and recovery solution is unaffordable,” says Kuhlmann. “I believe that with StorVault’s end-to-end cost effective business solutions, there will definitely be an uptake amongst this industry to implement a zero loss strategy in the future.” Kuhlmann explains that EVault’s back-up and fast disaster recovery software provides clients with a simple per gigabyte pricing model, including all software licenses and maintenance. The end user manages their data and StorVault is responsible for the backup and recovery.

“With innovative and affordable disaster and recovery solutions, no organisation should be caught unaware and unprepared in the face of disaster. With the right infrastructure, downtime can be minimised, core business processes restored and the business can continue to operate in the event of disaster,” concludes Kuhlmann.


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