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PROPERTY: Safety Tips for a Stress Free Holiday


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Think about it. Going away on holiday is stressful.

There are travel arrangements to make; accommodation plans to take care of; bags to pack; pets to get into boarding; house-sitters to hire; visas and passports to manage. When you finally depart for your holiday, you want to make sure you can relax completely and enjoy your time away without worrying about things back home. And the very last thing you need on your return is to discover your home or business has suffered a break-in.

Short-term insurance leader Santam can’t help you with pet boarding, plane tickets or B and B reservations. However, it can help you make sure your home and business are as secure as possible while you are away.

Here are Santam’s top eight tips for making sure your business premises are secure when you close shop for the festive season:

1. Make sure the alarm is working properly.

2. Park the fleet in a secure place… under lock and key and preferably under security guard protection, too.

3. Do a quick check of electrical equipment to make sure there are no potential fire-causing bad connections.

4. Pack all valuable goods away in a storeroom where curious passersby cannot see them.

5. Make sure anyone who has access to your premises knows how to use the alarm and has a comprehensive list of emergency contact numbers.

6. Do not rely on the CCTV system. Hire a security company, too, to keep an eye on your business whilst it’s locked up for the holidays.

7. Go over your insurance policies or contact your broker to verify the terms of your policy to make sure everything’s up to date and that you’re not under- or over-insured.

8. Make sure there are at least two people back home that you can contact in case of emergency… and who can contact you easily and quickly, too.

Santam has some valuable advice to also keep hearth and home safe while you’re on holiday:

1. Don’t tell the world (on Facebook or Twitter) when you’re going away and how long you’ll be gone for. It’s not only your friends who may be interested in this information.

2. Leave a spare set of house keys with someone you trust. Don’t leave the spare keys outside under a flowerpot or in the post box. Also give this person copies of your flight tickets, passports, contact numbers, itinerary, travel insurance documents, travellers cheques and ID books.

3. Except for the fridge and freezer, unplug all electrical appliances to prevent the possibility of fire. Turning your geyser off will save you money on the electricity bill.

4. Talking of the geyser, if it’s older than three years, get a plumber to check it out for you. If it floods while you’re away, it will incur thousands of rands of damage.

5. Consider installing a timer if you can’t find someone to come in and switch your lights off in the mornings and on in the evenings. This will give people the impression of someone being home.

6. Review the terms of your household insurance to make sure you are fully covered in the event of a burglary or an accident that may cause damage.

7. Contact your post office to arrange for your mail to be held while you are on holiday.

8. Practice common sense while on holiday. Don’t carry large sums of cash on you; safely secure valuables such as cameras and laptop computers when you’re not using them; don’t be cavalier with money and jewellery and be sensible when using ATMs in unfamiliar places. It’s also a good idea to find out where the closest police station is when you check into your holiday accommodation.


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