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ACCOUNTING : New Softline VIP’s Easier to Work With


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Softline VIP’s new look and feel easier to work with

Softline VIP’s latest update, released earlier this year, has a new improved look and feel that is easier to work with, says Orley Foods Venetta Adams. “I have always loved working on Softline VIP, but am very impressed with the new look of the latest updated version that we downloaded in August,” says Adams. “The new wide screen view and appealing look and feel make it easier to work with, as well as having all the latest functionality for the most up to date SARS and PAYE requirements,” she explains.

Orley Foods is one of Africa’s leading suppliers of confectionery products to blue chip manufacturers and wholesalers. The majority of Orley Foods ingredients are included in the manufacturing of many household brands of food and beverage.

“Orley foods upgraded from VIP Classic to VIP Premier in 2003, and since then I eagerly await the release of each new update that I download off the Softline VIP website,” she explains. “The latest update included many upgrades for PAYE reconciliations and the latest SARS requirements, and I am really enjoying working on the new bigger screen view and upgraded look and feel,” says Adams. “Orley Foods uses the VIP Premier package and almost all of the modules, including the personnel history manager, employment equity, skills manager and business intelligence manager (BIM). I particularly love the reporting functionality of the BIM system which enables me to download reports from the system and transfer them into an excel format quickly and easily,” explains Adams.

The latest version of Softline VIP, Release 3.0a was released earlier this year to cater for the latest legislation being released by SARS including PAYE submissions and IRP5 submissions and the new EMP201 reporting process. Softline VIP Sales Director Sandra Swanepoel explains that “the software is online and the real-time design ensures that payroll processing is faster and easier to use. VIP contains the latest legislative changes that enable payroll administrators to make the most accurate and up to date calculations. All this is combined in a package that can be maintained by updating earnings, deductions and methods.”

“Making sure your Payroll provider is able to give you a quick turnaround on legislative changes is imperative when companies invest in software. Most companies are pressured for time and to implement the latest legislative requirements in a quick and fast way is critical to run an efficient payroll operation.

Make sure you do not waste time to prepare and submit your SARS submissions. A software package that provides the data correctly will save you time and money and will provide a great return on your investment, explains Swanepoel.
“I have been working on Softline VIP for many years and am somewhat of an ambassador for them as I feel it is the best payroll package to work on. When I do experience any problems, the Softline VIP customer care line always provides the support and help I need to get things working again,” concludes Adams.

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