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SALARIES: Pretoria is Top Paying SA City


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Pretoria is the best-paid city in South Africa, earning 7% more than the national average salary, according to salary data drawn from the JobCrystal candidate database. The Johannesburg average salary is 4% more than the national average of R 19,273, while Cape Town comes in at 5% below the average.

In addition, on average, South African men earn 41% more than their female counterparts and this gap is particularly prevalent in senior executive positions. White men are still the highest earners, taking home 116% more than black women, the lowest earners in the country, according to JobCrystal, the interactive talent management portal. It is important to note, however, that these figures vary according to job and education level.

Asian employees typically earn 9% less than their white counterparts, with black employees earning 28% less, and coloured employees 29% less than their white colleagues. These figures also vary when the data is broken down according to education and job level.

The gender salary gap is the largest amongst white employees registered on JobCrystal, with white men earning 53% more than white women. It’s the narrowest amongst black candidates on the JobCrystal database with black men earning 17% more than black women.

“Looking at the JobCrystal data, it appears that South Africa still has a way to go before achieving pay parity according to gender and ethnicity. However, it does appear that the so-called ‘Cape Town tax’ – where candidates in Cape Town are paid less than those in Gauteng, ostensibly due to the better lifestyle – is showing signs of narrowing,” said Kevin Laithwaite, managing director of JobCrystal. “Drilling down to specific job functions, candidates with skills in high demand, such as IT skills, are being rewarded with higher salaries wherever they are in the country.”

Below please find tables showing the following information from the JobCrystal candidate database:

1. Average salary by region
2. Average salary by ethnicity
3. Average salary by gender and ethnicity
4. Average salary by job level
5. Average salary by job titles selected from JobCrystal
6. Average salary by department selected from JobCrystal

This data is drawn from the 140,000-strong JobCrystal candidate database. All salary figures refer to cost-to-company rates per month. This salary overview is a precursor to a more detailed salary survey to be released by JobCrystal later this year. In the meantime, if you would like more detailed salary data, please register on and search for the various job titles you would like more information on.

Average salary by region
Average salary % above/below average
Nationwide R 19,273
Johannesburg R 19,964 + 4%
Cape Town R 18,291 - 5%
Pretoria R 20,663 + 7%
Durban R 17,020 - 12%

Average salary by ethnicity

Asian Black Coloured White

Nationwide R 20,403 R 16,055 R 15,977 R 22,409

Johannesburg R 22,768 R 16,243 R 19,000 R 23,410

Cape Town R 23,650 R 14,323 R 13,726 R 21,863

Pretoria R 23,145 R 17,865 R 20,243 R 22,670

Durban R 16,383 R 13,577 R 14,439 R 21,229

Average salary by gender and ethnicity

Male Female

Total population R 19,818 R 14,098

Asian R 20,698 R 15,298

Black R 13,684 R 11,643

Coloured R 16,512 R 12,683

White R 25,093 R 16,398

Average salary by job level

General skilled Manager Senior manager Executive

Nationwide R 14,943 R 26,847 R 32,418 R 46,186

Johannesburg R 15,546 R 28,511 R 34,106 R 48,697

Cape Town R 14,090 R 24,008 R 29,138 R 43,334

Pretoria R 15,895 R 28,476 R 34,208 R 49,964

Durban R 12,971 R 24,323 R 30,669 R 39,682

Average salary by job titles selected from JobCrystal

Nationwide Jo’burg Cape Town Pretoria Durban

Accountant R 21,144 R 21,865 R 19,894 R 21,029 R 20,406

Business analyst R 29.025 R 31,487 R 23,001 R 33,336 R 19,013

Buyer R 21,080 R 24,406 R 17,492 R 18,230 R 15,092

General manager R 31,755 R 34,210 R 29,312 R 33,063 R 28,933

HR manager R 29,249 R 31,866 R 25,499 R 29,206 R 26,176

IT manager R 27,788 R 31,190 R 26,144 R 25,010 R 17,384

Personal assistant R 13,622 R 13,999 R 11,841 R 15,179 R 11,852

Project manager R 34,041 R 33,733 R 30,165 R 38,411 R 36,375

Sales manager R 24,678 R 25,033 R 25,655 R 25,304 R 20,676

Average salary by department selected from JobCrystal

Nationwide Jo’burg Cape Town Pretoria Durban

Education / teaching R 16,611 R 15,405 R 18,035 R 20,448 R 12,763

HR / Training R 24,753 R 26,476 R 21,456 R 27,211 R 17,984

IT / Systems / Networking R 24,632 R 25,227 R 23,310 R 26,617 R 18,593

Marketing / PR / Advertising R 18,564 R 19,282 R 17,877 R 18,613 R 14,662

Retail / FMCG R 17,047 R 17,889 R 17,178 R 15,242 R 16,665

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