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INFOTECH: Softline Accpac Appoints Datacentrix As a Solution Provider


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Local business software provider, Softline Accpac has appointed leading ICT integrator, Datacentrix as a solution provider for Sage ERP X3, its full-service enterprise management software system for mid-market businesses. Jeremy Waterman, managing director of Softline Accpac says the appointment will assist in further establishing Sage ERP X3 as a dominant ERP software solution on the continent.

“Datacentrix is one of the most successful ICT companies in South Africa with an impressive footprint. Offering infrastructure, managed services and business solutions within the public and private sectors, the reseller agreement enables the company to offer a world-renowned ERP solution to new and existing customers.”

Johan Hanekom, account manager, Datacentrix says the company evaluated a number of software vendors and their products in South Africa and identified Softline Accpac as a company Datacentrix would like to partner with. “Sage ERP X3 is a true tier two product with deep functionality that outperforms most of its opposition. It is also realistically priced and has an excellent functionality to price ratio.”

Hanekom says Datacentrix was also impressed with Softline Accpac’s professional approach and high level of support offered to partners as well as the company’s track record and brand awareness in the African market.

The decision to focus on the Sage ERP X3 solution was based on its ability to offer Datacentrix strong functionality in manufacturing and distribution. “These are two areas where we have traditionally played but needed deeper functionality. Sage ERP X3 has this ability and so much more. Softline Accpac also has a good vision for the product with a solid development road map,” says Hanekom.

Waterman says the partnership is a win-win situation for both companies. Datacentrix has a vision to become a leading ERP solution provider in the South African mid-market and Softline Accpac is recognised as one of the strongest players in this sector. The launch of Sage ERP x3 has only further strengthened the company’s position and potential as a market leader. “Datacentrix has a proven track record in deploying ERP solutions and will continue to do this with Sage ERP X3, but now in the native product.”

Having a good understanding of customer needs, Hanekom says Datacentrix also wanted a solution that is simple and directly addresses pain points as well as adding measurable value. “CIO’s are under pressure to deliver solutions that have a positive return on investment. Another critical requirement for an ERP solution is to assist in the compliance of the organisation when it comes to legislation and standards like IFRS, ISO, and HACCP. We believe that Sage ERP X3 will more than meet the needs of our customers.”

He says that addressing an increased demand for mobility was another key consideration for Datacentrix. Sage ERP X3 came out top again because it is based on flexible, open architecture oriented towards Web services and can cater to up to 2,000 simultaneous users within an organisation.
“Datacentrix is now able to service the ERP needs of its customers. There are also several synergies which can now be created within the group using Sage ERP X3,” concludes Hanekom.

Sage ERP X3 is a top international ERP software solution, produced by the Sage Group plc, parent company to Softline. With over 6.1 million customers and 13 400 employees, Sage is a global market leader in the field of business management software and services.

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