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WORKPLACE: Attracting and Retaining Generation Y Talent


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Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions' Dr Marie Puybaraud, Director of Global WorkPlace Innovation, today revealed the importance that South Africa's Generation Y (18-25 year olds) places on the workplace when it comes to attracting them to an employer. More than eight-in-10 (84%) young adults said that the quality of the workplace was either an important or very important factor in attracting, recruiting and retaining them.

The South Africa portion of the global 'Oxygenz Workplace study', conducted by Johnson Controls in conjunction with the University of Pretoria, also revealed that almost three-quarters (74%) of respondents would like to work in a mobile way, rather than from a static desk location. Interestingly 86% would prefer to have their own dedicated desk when they come into the office, rather than a shared or "hot-desk".

The study also produced a number of other insights from South Africa,

. 97% prefer their employer to demonstrate their engagement in
environmental issues at work and going beyond regulatory compliance

. 94% would like to personalise their individual space

. 62% would prefer to have a flexible working pattern, while 55%
expect to have a fixed or conventional working pattern

. 45% of Generation Y want a modern environment with subtle, clinical
and relaxing colors

Speaking at SAFMA 2010, Dr Marie Puybaraud said: "The results of the study highlight the challenges South African employers face in attracting and retaining the best and brightest from Generation Y. As the South African economy recovers following the global recession, employers should use the workplace as a strategic tool to attract and retain Generation Y employees.
There is the opportunity to make the office a 'home away from home', for example, by allowing them the freedom to personalise their desk space," Dr Puybaraud added.

The South African Oxygenz results also showed that collaboration between teams is important for Generation Y. "Although it has been suggested that this generation resists face-to-face verbal communications, the report reveals that Generation Y in South Africa favor collaborative working environments with 41% of our respondents preferring to use team spaces rather than just 32% who prefer traditional meeting rooms," Dr Puybaraud commented.

At SAFMA 2010 Dr Puybaraud also discussed the technological innovations that are set to revolutionise FM during the next 10 years, including biotechnology, mass collaboration, and infrared thermography.

"There are a number of innovations that will completely revolutionise the FM industry over the next five-to-10 years. Among them are infrared thermography, biotechnology, mass collaboration and the ability for companies to benchmark their energy efficiency against industry peers," Dr Puybaraud

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