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INFOTECH: Triple the Capacity Of Your Data Centre


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As an IT manager, how would you like to:

• Significantly reduce the size of your infrastructure, making it simpler to manage?
• Improve disaster recovery by 80%?
• Refresh your networking by wiring it once using 75% fewer switches and 96% fewer cables?
• Reduce your compute infrastructure footprint by 70% while doubling utilisation?
• Ultimately, allowing you to triple the capacity of your data centre?
“Hewlett-Packard’s Converged Infrastructure can do all that for you,” says Jim Holland, Category Lead: HP Enterprise at Axiz.

A recent InformationWeek survey found that IT organisations are typically spending up to 70% of their budgets on operations and maintenance.

That leaves just 30% for business innovation, such as the deployment of new applications and services that can make a business more competitive.

"Too often, IT managers cannot meet the business organisation's needs, because they are confined by the sprawl of technology silos," says Jim Holland, Category Lead: HP Enterprise at Axiz.

On the business side, executives are looking for improved business outcomes, with application owners needing quicker ROI and higher service levels from IT.

But on the IT side, there is tremendous pressure to contain costs and gain more value from existing investments.

HP’s Converged Infrastructure solution to the sprawl is to break down the technology silos and bring all IT resources together into adaptive pools of assets that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service.

This solution brings together management tools, policies, and processes so resources can be managed in a holistic, integrated manner.

It also brings together power and cooling practices so systems and facilities work synergistically to extend the life of the data centre.

“HP’s Converged Infrastructure is virtualised, resilient in that it integrates nonstop technologies with high availability, orchestrates the business requirements with applications data and infrastructure, and it is optimised and modular,” explains Holland.

To increase the potential of a converged infrastructure, HP delivers an architectural framework that consists of four core areas:

• HP Infastructure Operating Environment – A Shared-services engine that provisions and adapts application environments on the fly
• HP FlexFabric – A virtualised, high-performance, low-latency network that consolidates Ethernet and storage networks onto a single fabric
• HP Virtual Resource Pools – Adaptive compute, memory, storage and network resources
• HP Data Center Smart Grid – Intelligent energy management across systems and facilities.
“Our goal, with HP's Converged Infrastructure, is to help business devote more of its IT budget to innovation for core business needs and spend less on operations and maintenance,” says Holland.

HP Converged Infrastructure can improve IT productivity and service levels, allowing administrators to move at the speed of the business.

“Moreover, a complex application infrastructure can be up and running in four hours versus several weeks, which is typical today,” he adds.


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