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ENERGY: A New Chiller Introduced


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Johnson Controls Systems and Service, a global leader in delivering products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency in buildings, has recently announced the YORK Magnetic Centrifugal Chiller (YMC2), which offers superior efficiency and sound performance.

The YMC² chiller is 10 percent more efficient than conventional, variable-speed chillers. Proven magnetic-bearing technology is utilised to eliminate mechanical-contact losses in the driveline. The industry-leading OptiSpeed variable-speed drive has been improved, and efficiency of the evaporator has been enhanced with an advanced “falling-film” design. In addition, the features that always made YORK chillers so efficient have been retained, including the optimised centrifugal compressor that takes advantage of low-temperature cooling-tower water to save energy. As a result, the YMC² chiller offers the best real-world efficiency in the industry.

“The new YMC2 chiller is ideal for large sites and environments and offers an energy efficient solution for chilling which is becoming increasingly important with current environmental issues,” comments Neil Cameron General Manager for Johnson Controls Building Efficiency: Systems and Service, South Africa. “This is also our first Centrifugal ‘bearing-less’ chiller which means lower maintenance and less wear and tear.”

The YMC² chiller is also quieter than any water-cooled centrifugal or screw chiller in the marketplace. Magnetic-bearing technology eliminates nearly all driveline vibration, and the YORK OptiSound control further reduces noise at off-design conditions. As a result, the YMC2 chiller operates at a maximum of 73 dBA at full-load standard conditions, per AHRI-575. The human ear perceives the YMC² chiller as about half as loud as other magnetic-bearing chillers.

The YMC² chiller features a sustainable design that uses refrigerant HFC-134a, which has zero ozone-depletion potential. The 10-percent efficiency improvement dramatically reduces indirect global warming caused by greenhouse-gas emissions generated by electric utilities. In addition, 57 percent fewer refrigerant-piping connections drastically reduce the potential for direct global warming caused by refrigerant leakage.

The YMC² chiller also increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs. The magnetic-bearing drive has fewer moving parts and eliminates the oil-lubrication system. The driveline is field-serviceable, which means a back-up driveline is not needed. The chiller’s permanent-magnet motor has an inherently longer life than traditional motors, and the OptiSpeed drive’s soft-start sequence further extends motor life.


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