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The telephone is ringing off the hook, your boss is scratching around in the stationery cupboard looking for something that you know hasn't been delivered yet, there is a visitor in reception that has just 'popped in' to see if they can grab a coffee and discuss their printing services with you, and you have a report due in an hour...does any of this sound familiar? Of course, it does...because this is just a typical 10 minutes in the life of any admin professional!

But your role is vitally important and it involves an awful amount of responsibility...many admin professionals find that they are acting more and more like managers but they don't necessarily have the authority they need or get the respect that their position deserves...but just go on holiday for a week and your colleagues quickly realise how important you truly are because the entire office can't function properly without you!

So, this training course has been developed to look at how to make your life easier and (if possible) make you even more efficient than you already are! And unlike other training courses, we aren't going to bore you with the obvious stuff like - why your role as an Office Administrator is so know that already and quite frankly from our point of view that is just a complete waste of time! But we are going to show you how to build on the skills that you already have to take your performance to the next level!

Your boss counts on you to be the best and this training will guarantee that you can be! You will learn everything you need to know about how to effectively:

Build and maintain powerful business relationships

Communicate with savvy and finesse and project confidence and command respect

Make a great first impression but more importantly a lasting impression

Boost your professional presence and present a polished and professional image

Write high impact on-target emails

Master the successful habits of highly effective time-managers

Battle burnout - proven techniques for reducing management and stress

...and that is just for starters!

Hosted By: Alusani Skills & Training Netw
Date of Event: 2020-10-04
Venue: Glenhove Events Hub
Contact Person:
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