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Workshop outline:

'Strategic Management' is defined by Steyn and Puth as "a process of thinking through the current mission of the organisation, and the current environmental conditions, and combining these elements by setting forth a guide for tomorrow's decisions and results".

Effective communication also requires an effective strategy that aligns with the company's vision, mission, goals and objectives.

During this one-day workshop, we shall review the classic principles of strategic planning and then apply these principles to the fast moving communication environment we work in. Aimed predominantly at senior practitioners and communication managers, the focus will be on aligning the communication strategy, which is a functional strategy, with the business strategy.

Case studies will be used to understand the impact of communication strategies on sustainable business success and show the best practice scenarios. The workshop is interactive and highly practical. Delegates can bring their own currently used communication strategies to use in the session.

The following areas will be covered:

o The principles of strategic planning

o Reasons why strategies are not implemented and how to counter-act this

o The difference between a communication strategy and a business strategy

o Using the business strategy to identify communication focus areas

o The elements of a communication strategy

o Environmental scanning

o Stakeholder mapping

o The primary and secondary messages

o The media platform

o Measuring and assessing the impact of the strategy

o Developing an operational plan

o Developing work plans that will ensure the implementation of the strategy

o Selling the strategy to management

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

o Develop a communication strategy

o Assess the quality of an existing strategy

o Perform a relevant environmental scan

o Develop a stakeholder map

o Formulate primary and secondary messages

o Optimise your media platform

o Assess the impact of your communication interventions and strategy

About the facilitator:

Cynthia Mabela is a passionate strategist; communicator and marketer who believes that employees are the organisation's most valuable asset. After running an internal communication department single handedly for four years, she took a giant leap and started her own Marketing and Communications agency - Eyezwe Consulting. Cynthia is a qualified Chemist, but also holds a graduate Diploma in Marketing (IMM), a Bachelor in Business Administration (IMM) and is currently completing her Master in Business at Leadership (MBL) with the School of Business Leadership at UNISA. Cynthia has been a judge for the prestigious PRISM Awards for three consecutive years and a Marketing judge for the Food Review New Product of the Year Competition for the past two years.

Hosted By: Public Relations Institute of
Date of Event: 2018-07-20
Venue: Gauteng PRISA Offices
Contact Person:
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