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Graphic Design for non designers


"Don`t sell them a product, tell them a story" has changed to "don`t tell them, show them". This creates all sorts of challenges for communicators who gained most of their experienced in a text-dominant field.

Graphic design has become an imperative public relations and communication tool.

Unfortunately, our fast paced and demanding communication environment does not always allow the luxury of time, or funds, to appoint a professional graphic designer for a quick social media post or informal invitation.

During this two-day workshop we will aim to teach delegates, that have no graphic design experience, the very basic skills needed to enable them to create their own designs. Our facilitator will introduce delegates to free, easy-to-use graphic design tools and will spend time teaching them how to design social media graphics, posters, presentations, and infographics, to mention a few.

The workshop will cover:

oThe power of visuals

oThe importance of corporate identity

oGraphic design fundamentals

oGraphic design jargon

oBad vs good vs great visuals

oPrint vs web vs social media design

oFinding design inspiration

oStock images

oHow to properly brief a graphic designer

oIntroduction to graphic design tools

oPractical exercises (social media graphics, posters, infographics, etc.)


oOwn laptop with MS Power point installed and activated

oPower cable for laptop

oInternet connection

oMust be able to access emails during the workshop (to be used for free tool signup confirmation)

About our facilitator

Juanita Vorster (CPRP) wanted to become a graphic designer, but decided to qualify as a public relations practitioner instead. Her love of striking visuals and two years studying art at school has proven to be immensely helpful in her career as communicator.

Juanita loves finding free design tools and easy ways to create striking designs. She believes that even if you can`t create beautiful images yourself, as a professional communicator you should at least be able to brief the professional designers in a way that ensures that you get what you want on first draft.

Hosted By: Public Relations Institute of
Date of Event: 2018-09-17
Venue: 108 Bram Fischer Drive, Ferndale, Randburg
Contact Person:
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