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Move Beyond IQ or …………………..!  For long, the world gave much importance to Intelligence Quotient. "My son has an IQ of 210!" the proud mother would boast. "He's going to be a scientist." This attitude is a legacy of the early 20th century when psychologists devised tests to measure intelligence. These tests primarily measured intellectual or rational intelligence (used to solve logical problems). The higher the figure, the belief went, the greater the intelligence. Current wisdom shows that IQ tests may fluctuate on a daily basis depending on the emotional state of the individual being tested.  There is a new dynamic when it comes to leadership training, motivational training and personal leadership coaching.

In mid-1990s, Daniel Goleman revealed findings in neuroscience and psychology that stressed the importance of Emotional Quotient (EQ). This makes us aware of our feelings and that of others. It gives empathy, motivation, compassion and an ability to respond skillfully to pleasure and pain. Goleman argued that EQ was a basic requirement for the use of IQ. If the areas of our brain that feel are damaged, our ability to think effectively is diminished. In today’s business environment strong leadership qualities include an abundance of EQ.

Last year, however, authors Dana Zohar and Ian Marshall introduced a new dimension to human intelligence which is of essential importance when it comes to Leadership Training, Motivational Training and Personal Leadership Coaching. Spiritual Quotient (or SQ) is the ultimate intelligence, they claim. This is the intelligence used to solve problems of meaning and value. "Is my job giving me the fulfillment I seek?" "Am I relating to the people in my life in a way that contributes to their happiness and mine?" Answers to these questions determine whether we will find happiness or not. IQ and EQ are inadequate in such issues.

"Spiritual intelligence," explains Ram Mohan a spiritual teacher, "is about the growth of a human being. It is about moving on in life, about having a direction in life and being able to heal ourselves of all the resentment we carry. It is thinking of ourselves as an expression of a higher reality. It is also about how we look at the resources available to us. We realize that nature is not meant to be exploited and that everyone is entitled to abundance and happiness. Ultimately through this new essence in our Leadership Training, Motivational Training and Personal Leadership Coaching, we discover freedom from our sense of limitation as human beings and attain a higher sense of being.

Collin Jennings, a transformational coach, and master of Leadership Training, Motivational Training and Personal Leadership Coaching says: "For me spiritual intelligence is about pondering over my life's purpose. Just being in touch with that question is fulfilling. Finally I have realised that there is immensity to me and as I peel of the “protective” layers, deeper levels of myself unfold, leading to incredibly higher levels of fulfillment."

Humans are essentially spiritual beings, evolved to ask fundamental questions. "Who am I?" "Where am I going?" "What do others mean to me?" It is an ability to answer questions like these that lead people to personal leadership workshops, Leadership Training, Motivational Training and Personal Leadership Coaching. Spiritual intelligence motivates people to balance their work schedules to spend time with the family. Or an executive with a high SQ might look beyond profit margins and devote time for voluntary work with orphans. Spiritual intelligence also addresses the need to place one's life in a shared context of value.

The transformative power of SQ distinguishes it from IQ and EQ. IQ primarily solves logical problems. EQ allows us to judge the situation we are in and behave appropriately. SQ allows us to ask if we want to be in that situation in the first place and if the answer from the heart is no it might motivate us to create a new one.  This is a new dynamic in Leadership Training, Motivational Training and Personal Leadership Coaching.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs incorporates five basic human needs culminating in “Self Actualisation” which Abraham himself defines as “being the best you can be”. For me this interprets into being as close to your maker as you possibly can be and this most definitely requires very high levels of SQ.

Leadership Training, Motivational Training, Personal Leadership Coaching

Eight attributes of people with advanced Spiritual Quotient.

1. High levels of flexibility.

2. Heightened self-awareness.

3. An ability to face, overcome and use adversities.

4. The ability to dream and be inspired by a vision.

5. An ability to see connections between diverse things which don’t correspond with your own belief systems (thinking holistically).

6. A desire and capacity to cause as little harm as possible to all living creatures.

7. A tendency to probe and ask fundamental questions and not just readily accept traditional beliefs.

8. An ability to let go of EGO.

Collin Jennings is a master of Leadership Training, Motivational Training and Personal Leadership Coaching - he is the founding member of Jennings and Associates – established in 1991. The organisation trains and coaches most of South Africa’s blue chip companies, sports professionals and individuals. He is also an associate of The Training Corporation. Some of his Clients include Mnet, Coca-Cola, Spar Group, Sappi, Rand Merchant Bank, Standard Bank, Stefanutti Stocks, Primedia and many others. Products include leadership Development, Sales Mastery, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Skills and Personal Leadership, Transformational Coaching and Body and Mind practices.  Contact us now to sustainably evolve yourself and your management team for producing exceptional results in the areas of Leadership Training, Motivational Training and Personal Leadership Coaching.

Date Posted: 2010-02-18
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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