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Leadership and Management Training - Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Life Energy


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Is your mojo running in “slow mo?” Are you finding yourself dragging through each day, seemingly unable to move out of neutral? Are you fighting a bad case of the “grumpies?”  Now what has this got to do with a Leadership & Management Training Course, Presentation Skills Training Course, Effective Speaking Training Course, Interpersonal Skills Training Course, Team Management Training Course, Public Speaking Course, Finance for Non-Financial Managers.  Well read on to find out . .

"Chances are, you need an energy boost. Like most of us, your energy levels are being adversely affected by the negativity we are absorbing in the midst of the widespread challenges, both on Work Street and on Home Street.

Going to work when you’re constantly hearing about layoffs or reading about the latest company shutting its doors is difficult. And trying to remain creative, upbeat and productive can be twice as hard.

Our tanks get low on mojo when we allow it to become stagnant, depleted or sucked away from us by others. However, we can fill our tanks whenever we wish. All it takes is some intention, conscious awareness and choice.

So how can we boost our coping mechanisms? We acquire more momentum when we choose activities that are healthy, balanced and blissful. At work especially, this means finding the silver lining, even when times are tough.

But don’t despair! Below are five simple yet effective boosters to help you out of the recession rut:

1) Be good to yourself.

One of the most important steps you can take to boost your energy is to adopt a rigorous plan for self-care. Choose healthy foods to eat and snack on, avoid eating on-the-go, and especially avoid too many empty (albeit comforting) sugary foods and simple carbohydrates. Get outside at least once a day to breathe in one of nature’s biggest energy boosters: oxygen! All it takes is a simple walk around the parking lot or office plaza to get your energy boost. Also, don’t be shy when it comes to getting those forty winks over the weekend, soaking in a tub, or getting a massage. Take care of your body so it will take care of you.

2) Be playful.

When is the last time you’ve seen a child without energy? It rarely happens! Most children have one agenda item on their list: have fun. They revel in the act of creating, exploring and playing. We can learn something from these smaller teachers by incorporating a little more play into our lives. At work, think about the ways you can bring more play into your cubicle. Display your favorite bobble-head or figurine on your desk. Use your lunch break to play a board game with co-workers while you eat. Sign up for a joke-of-the-day email. Outside of the office, pick shells on the beach, play with your family outside or even run on the Slip’nSlide in the back yard. Let your inner kid play again!

Leadership and Management Training

3) Be mindful.

Our reservoir gets sapped when our minds endlessly jump from task to task, or more precisely, obsess over problem after problem. Our computers need to be turned off every once in a while in order to function optimally, and our minds are no different. Take some time to mentally “defrag” through the act of meditation. If you are new to meditation, simply carve out a few minutes every day to comfortably sit in silence. Do nothing. Simply be. Once you have incorporated periods of silence into your life, you can begin to add other mindful activities such as creative visualization or clearing your office space through de-cluttering and other simple Feng Shui techniques.

4) Be present.

A major obstacle to maximizing one’s happiness is the all-too-common practice of regretting the past or fretting over the future. We spend so much of our energy wallowing in previous so-called failures or fearing the absolute worst of what may happen instead of living joyfully in the moment. We don’t know what the future holds, and it is simply a waste of valuable time and energy to try to control it. The best way to remain firmly planted in the present is to increase your awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Our lives are rich beyond measure when we take the time to be fully present.

5) Be grateful.

Expressing gratitude is like receiving a shot of adrenaline. When we are grateful for what we already have – a home, a family, love, health, food, and shelter – we instantly get a boost of mojo that can help us through the tough times. The key is to make the expression of gratitude a daily habit. Before you get out of bed and drive to work, or before you shut off the light to get back into bed, mentally rattle off all of the fabulous things in your life. Take note of the gifts contained within the challenges of the day. What was the blessing in the postponed meeting or client call? Did it allow you to spend more time on a project that had a deadline, or did it make it so that you were able to drive home a few minutes earlier to see your family? If you operate from a perspective of gratitude, then you will never have that familiar feeling of running on empty.

Choose to have a life of abundance, balance and creativity, and then go about embodying those ideas, beliefs and actions that support it. 

Dynamic Presentations, The Training Corporation and Collin Jennings and Associates have a unique way of delivering exceptional and sustainable results in line with the mission of "Moving from ambition to meaning" in the Leadership & Management Training Course, Presentation Skills Training Course, Effective Speaking Training Course, Interpersonal Skills Training Course, Team Management Training Course, Public Speaking Course, Finance for Non-Financial Managers  . . click the contact button for more info

Date Posted: 2010-02-04
Posted By: The Training Corporation
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