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The Seasonal Bouquet - Perfect Wedding


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Finding the flowers that you have dreamed of walking down the aisle with can be difficult, especially if they only bloom in a particular season. Thankfully, Daya K Mukheriee has some wonderful suggestions for creating the perfect bouquet for your wedding day.

By Daya K Mukherjee

Flowers are to a wedding what icing is to a cake! And if your big day is around the corner, then you (the bride-to-be) have probably already spent a considerable time leafing through pages and pages of florists' catalogues deciding on the perfect blooms for your wedding. However, if you are the type who doesn't know a dahlia from a daisy then, sure, it can be a bit tough to be bombarded with all that information and end up feeling even more confused and indecisive.

First things first. There are year-long flowers and then there are seasonal flowers. So, to avoid nasty last-minute frustrations, it helps to know if the blooms you have set your heart upon will be available when you are getting married. Tip: choose flowers that bloom naturally. Not only will you cut down on costs but you will also be assured of availability, durability and freshness.

But, hey, don't fret! Help is at hand. Here's your complete guide to seasonal wedding flowers.

1. Flowers for a Spring wedding - If you are getting in spring, then a riot of flowers is yours to choose from. Spring is nature at her loveliest best, the winter-seared earth slowly bursting into life and a spectacular profusion of flowers and colour all around. Two of the most popular spring wedding flowers are tulips and the superbly scented hyacinth. Others equally in-demand spring flowers include daffodils, iris, lilies, lilac, pansies, sweet pea, peonies, apple and cherry blossoms. All make lovely eye-catching bouquets for the bride.

2. Flowers for a Summer wedding - Summer opens up an infinitely broader choice of flowers, particularly the gorgeous blue delphiniums, gladioli and iris. Add colour to your summer wedding with other flowers such as asters, Calla lilies, dahlias, daisies, roses, and sunflowers. A summer theme can be an eclectic bunch of roses mixed with any other high-contrasting flower such as white daisies.

3. Flowers for an Autumn/ Fall wedding - In keeping with the all-pervading flavour of the season, it is rich and vibrant colours like red, fiery orange and lovely yellow that dominate the floral world. Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, marigolds, roses and asters are a must for an autumn wedding. Interestingly, some fruits are becoming popular as the centrepiece arrangement such as the appealing Chinese lantern fruit.

4. Flowers for a Winter wedding - If your heart is set on a winter wedding, then stop worrying that there won't be enough lovely flowers available. There is a vast range of gorgeous winter blooms that make it worthwhile to get married during the coldest season of the year! Spread some floral cheer with spectacular flowers like orchids, poinsettias, camellias, forget-me-nots and holly if you are planning a winter wedding. Amaryllis flowers make an absolutely stunning table centrepiece.

Don't let a fear of not finding your favourite flowers hinder your choice of a wedding date. Remember, although flowers are seasonal, there is a huge range of blooms that are now gradually becoming available almost all the year around (albeit at a cost). So, go ahead and have a fragrant wedding!

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For more information finding the ideal seasonal flowers for your wedding, take a look at Perfect Wedding which has a broad range on articles and information on weddings. Making it easier and simpler for you to make you wedding day the dream you’ve always wanted!

Date Posted: 2010-12-20
Posted By: Perfect Wedding
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