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If you would like to liven the evening up at your wedding and bring a new and exciting theme to your reception, why not try wedding games. These are easily created and provide an entertaining way for guests to learn a bit about the bride and groom. Below Marcus Pontecorvo has some suggestions on how to best create your wedding reception games.

By Marcus Pontecorvo

One of the recent trends in wedding receptions is the introduction of various games to the wedding reception. Some of these games can be a lot of fun, but there are some things that you should consider before including games, so that they are not disruptive to the other parts of your wedding reception on which you have worked so hard.

The tricky part of playing games at a wedding reception is that they can be disruptive of your carefully planned out dinner. Most couples spend a lot of time setting up the seating arrangements, so that their guests will enjoy the company of those around them. Therefore, when the dinner is disrupted by games, guests may find it difficult to restart the conversations that they had just gotten started when the game began.

However, they can still be quite enjoyable. One reason to seriously consider games is if you have children in your wedding reception. I went to a few receptions when I was a child, and, let's face it, for a kid, they're a little boring. Having some games can be fun for them.

Even without children, however, wedding reception games can still be a lot of fun. They can help personalize your wedding and can help to make it more memorable. To introduce them, they should happen when the guests are not eating. This can take place before the food, such as when people are lining up for a buffet, or after the food, usually during the dancing portion of the evening.

Some fun games to consider are:

Quizzes: You can put together various quizzes for your guest. One popular and fun type is to have quizzes about the couple. This is especially good before eating, as it helps the tables to get to know each other. Each table can have a sheet of paper on which they have to provide answers to a list of question, and the table that gets the most right answers can get a prize (you can give out the prize after dinner).

Musical Chairs: Musical chairs is a lot of fun. It's even more fun when people can barely move around because of their formal wear. This is more of a post-dinner game. Be a little careful, as some people can get rough during musical chairs, so only try this with calmer (and preferably sober) guests.

Scavenger Hunts: This is a fun game, because it isn't at all intrusive. Before the reception, hide a few items of significance to the couple around the room (though, not too significant, as some might be lost). Then, people can look for these hidden items throughout the room. At the end of the night (or when everything is found), you can declare the winner.

Wedding games can add your own flavour to your wedding, without disrupting your dinner. There are hundreds of games, and the above are only suggestions.

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Date Posted: 2010-11-29
Posted By: Perfect Wedding
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