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If you’re organizing the catering for your own or friends wedding, getting it right is vitally important; horrible food does not the best memories make! Praveen Sivaraman has some simple but effective suggestions for creating the best dining experience at any wedding.

By Praveen Sivaraman

 Catering to a wedding can be very difficult if you do not have the right resources and the right mindset. Being a wedding catering service means being sensitive to the needs and preferences of the bride, groom and all of their family. You want to make the food at the wedding as entertaining and as tasty possible, so that the wedding you are catering to will stick out in people's minds for years to come. This is your goal as a wedding catering service. You want the people who hired you to be so satisfied with your service that they tell all of their friends how incredible the wedding was because of all the great food and decorations. 

One of the best ways to spice up a wedding is with good food. Guests like to enjoy some good cooking while they are waiting for the wedding ceremonies to begin. Many experienced chefs will tell you that we eat with our eyes. This means people are just as likely to judge food by it's appearance as by it's smell or taste! If you can make the food at the wedding match your décor, then you have truly done what it takes to make that wedding memorable. It is also a good idea to serve alcohol at the wedding. This will liven the guests up a bit and improve the overall mood of the wedding. If your wedding does not have alcohol at it then it is going to be one bland wedding. You may not feel this way, but many of your guests do, and it is important to keep the guests happy.

It is also a wise choice to include health food in your wedding banquet, as some of your guests may be living a healthy lifestyle, and would like to enjoy fat free or low carb foods. Try to include food for vegetarians as well, and be conscious of the preferences of your guests overall. A salad bar is good way to please everyone, including the health conscious. Try to include something for everyone, variety is the best way to spice up anything, including a wedding banquet. 

It would also be wise to have a taste of the menu, before hiring a catering service for your wedding. After all you wouldn't want your guests eating anything that you wouldn't eat. Keep in mind that there will most likely be many children at the wedding and you should always include something fun for the kids to do. Try to have something yummy for the kids to snack on as well as this will keep them occupied and happy. It is always good to have some ice cream, or some cookies available at the wedding for the children. Happy children equal happy parents. 

Creating a fun environment and having good food available will always go over well with your guests. Hiring a professional catering service will ensure you have only the best catering at your wedding, and it will make your guests remember the wedding for quite some time to come. 

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For more information on good wedding catering or to find a caterer if you feel you can’t do it yourself, take a look at Perfect Wedding which has  a broad and fast growing database for anything a wedding requires.

Date Posted: 2010-11-26
Posted By: Perfect Wedding
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