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Wedding cakes are a mainstay of any wedding, but where did they originate from and what is the symbolism behind the tradition? Linda E. Hendry gives a little insight into the history of the wedding cake.

By Linda E Hendry

The wedding cake has been an integral part of weddings for so long; most of us can't imagine a wedding without it. This time-honoured tradition has its roots in Ancient Rome, where it started out as a humble barley cake that the groom broke over the bride's head as a symbol of his dominance over her. That later evolved to sprinkling the crumbs over her to symbolise plenty and fertility. The guests would then scramble for the crumbs to share in the couple's good fortune.

In medieval England, a visiting Frenchman observed the wedding practice of piling sweat buns between the bridal couple, over which they had to kiss. Upon returning to France, he added his French flair to create the first crockenbouche, a tower of small cream-filled pastries held together with caramelised sugar.

By the time Queen Victoria got married, the wedding cake was looking much more like our modern-day versions. The wealthy were able to afford the expensive white sugar and white icing became a sign of affluence. Of course, Victoria's cake was a multi-level white marvel and since she had so many guests, the top layer was actually a box containing individually wrapped pieces of cake to be distributed among them. Thus was born another modern tradition.

Today, wedding cakes of all designs, sizes and content can be rented, purchased or made by hand. They are all cake, partly cake or no cake at all. Some have actual fountains incorporated; some are simple one-layer slabs. If the bridal couple is lucky, they may have a friend or family member willing to make the cake for them, adding a meaningful, personal touch to their day. The more intrepid bride, or groom may decide to do it themselves. With all the wonderful "how to" books available, this is a viable option. The hardest part would be deciding on the design and what type of cake to use for the interior.

 I'm Linda Hendry Of Ontario, Canada. As a committed "do it yourselfer", I'm always searching for the best way to get the job done the way I want, without the high price tag.

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The wedding cake is clearly here to stay, and if you’d like to find places to purchase, or hire yours, take a look at Perfect Wedding for helpful hints on finding the best wedding cake caterer.

Date Posted: 2010-10-05
Posted By: Perfect Wedding
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