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With so many people choosing not to have a religious based service; finding an alternative wedding venue and theme is a great way to create a unique ceremony. Jamie-Lynn Kennedy has some suggestions for creating your alternative wedding.

By Jamie-Lynne Kennedy

With more and more people feeling that they do not want to follow a certain faith or church the need for alternative wedding ceremonies is essential. You will want to know that if you are not religious but still want to be joined with your partner then there are options. One service that you can have is a humanist service this is an alternative to a religious service and offers you an alternative way to look at the world.

Humanism is an approach to the world that some people believe is a far more fulfilling way to live as human rights and values are the focus. The thoughts behind humanism and what they believe in includes ethics, human rights, rationality, democracy, and social responsibility. The people who follow humanism believe that there is good within every human being and that they have the right to freedom of choice in their lives. Their wedding ceremonies have become very popular over the last few years.

There are many couples that do not want a church service or a wedding service in a registry office but still want to show their love and commitment to one another. Humanist services are focused on the couples and exactly what they want, you will choose every element of the service. This can allow it to be very popular and very personal. You will choose your vows, readings, venue and music there is no element of your perfect day that is left to other people to decide. Humanist services can be held anywhere that you want there are no restrictions so if you have your heart set on a mountain retreat or beach service this is possible.

In some countries humanist services are not legally binding so you will have to either have a legal service and then the service you really want. Or you can simply choose to come together and live as a couple the ways that you want to. You will need to join the humanist society and learn a bit more about their beliefs and thoughts. You will work with your wedding celebrant to ensure that you have the service and wedding day that you have always dreamed of.

Whatever your reasons for having a humanist wedding service you will have a perfect day surrounded by your friends and family. The services are very similar to a traditional service but without the religious parts, some people do not even realize they have attended a unique service. There are no weird or strange rituals within the humanist ceremony which is often what people believe. Once you learn more about the society then you will understand how they think about things and you too may realize their way of thinking is the way forward.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you will want it to have a special meaning for you and your partner. Humanist weddings are an ideal way for people who feel that they are not accepted into the normal religious beliefs to celebrate their love for one another. Divorced people and gay people often have humanist ceremonies so they can have the day they want and not feel restricted. This type of service will establish your love for one another and prepare you for many long and happy years together.

 Jamie-Lynne Kennedy is was married in Toronto, Canada by a humanist wedding officiant Toronto. Jamie and her husband remember the day fondly and recommend a humanist to anyone looking for an alternative.

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For more tips on creating your alternative wedding look at Perfect Wedding. For a fantastic range of paraphernalia, Perfect Wedding is the best place to find what you need for your alternative wedding.

Date Posted: 2010-10-04
Posted By: Perfect Wedding
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