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When it comes to deciding on what is to be the most idyllic and picturesque wedding location for your ceremony, this is, perhaps, the most fretted over of all issues with regards to wedding planning. However, there are some great ways that you can go about selecting some really picturesque wedding locations.

By Michael John Lazar

Eight Amazing Wedding Location Options

To better aid you in your quest for that ever so romantic and elegant wedding that you have daydreamed over for years upon years, perhaps these eight classic suggestions for wedding locations can better assist you in arriving at the perfect conclusion. A particular setting can make for a beautiful ceremony, but location can be a major factor in everything going as planned on your special day of matrimony.

Indoor Banquet Wedding

This is a very popular and viable option when you are looking for a flawless wedding ceremony, and for good reason. First off, you are hosting the wedding indoors, usually at a hotel banquet room. This keeps you from fretting over weather conditions, and the hotel staff usually will be offering the catering and bar services, all so that you can focus on getting married!

Relaxed Outdoor Wedding

This is a very popular choice for many couples seeking the serene offerings of the outdoors. But there are some things to keep in mind; like really taking your time to seek out a great location, ensuring that you have catering and seating, as well as security arrangement taken care and biding on the hopes that the weather will be in your favor. However, generally speaking, such weddings usually go off without a hitch, while the happy couple is being hitched.

Classic Cathedral Wedding

The most classic of all weddings, requires little planning. All you have to do is make sure that you take care of booking the church that you wish to be married in. There are some factors to keep in mind here. Some churches may only allow congregational members to use it for weddings, whereas some others may be booked out for months upon end, since they offer such a desirable and intimate settings for a wedding.

Semi-Formal Church Wedding

If you are not looking for that Sistine Chapel setting, but want a more semi-formal and toned down church wedding, then look to local churches that are of smaller sizes to book your wedding day at. These places will not only offer a great setting for you to get married, but they tend to be fairly cost effective as well. Just make sure you don't plan your wedding day for a Sunday, or you may be out of luck.

The Backyard Budget-Minded Wedding

Often, budget is the largest constraining factor in wedding planning. So it should come as no surprise that more and more couples are swearing their vows in their own backyards. Generally, the parents of the bride will host this type of wedding, on par with tradition. But if cost is a major factor, you can easily host a wedding at a nice home and even make the food yourself to save tons of cash on costly catering services.

Wedding on the Beach

The dreamiest of all weddings, and one that is becoming ever more popular currently, is the wedding on the beach. But there are some underlying factors to take into consideration here. Is there a beach where you live, or nearby? Can you get the permits that you will require? Or will you be asking people to dump out hordes of their own loot to get plane tickets and hotel accommodations to meet up with you in Aruba?

The 'Specialized' Wedding Location

One timeless method that you can never go wrong with when planning your wedding involves seeking out specialized ceremony locations in your region. There are ample amounts of grand locations that center on hosting weddings. A good rule of thumb is to look into several different ones-all so you can compare costs, features, amenities, and of course, location.

Wedding at a Mansion with Grandeur and Grace

If you are really looking to wow your guests-and money is not of concern-you can opt for the off the beaten path mansion wedding. There are many empty mansions that are located all over the place that can be rented out for such special occasions. Keep in mind that you most likely will have to pay handsomely for such grandeur and grace with a mansion-styled wedding theme. But it is also the biggest day of your life!

The location of your ceremony could make or break your special day and deserve plenty of thought and research well ahead of time. Take a moment now to choose the locale for the wedding of your dreams.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to create that picturesque wedding location for you ceremony; then take a look at Perfect Wedding, with it's in-depth listings from dresses to cakes; Perfect Wedding is there to bring those picturesque wedding locations closer to you!

Date Posted: 2010-09-07
Posted By: Perfect Wedding
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