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Print On HDPE Shade Cloth


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Print On HDPE Shade Cloth

If you are a screen printer and want to print on HDPE shade cloth then this is the right place for you.  Printing on HDPE shade cloth is only possible with an ink that durably adheres to the knitted HDPE shade cloth or in some countries called shadenet.

HDPE shade cloth is sold throughout the world and there are only a few ink that work to print on it.  Solvent inks don't work well as they don't key into the oily substrate.  Water-based inks have proven to be the best way to Print On HDPE Shade Cloth.

The two best types of ink are plastisol and water-based.  Water-based uses pigments in suspension with water as the solvent.  When the water evaporates then the ink cures and sets.  It is best for textile printing and a special ink has been made to print on HDPE shade cloth

You can either let the water-based ink cure at room temperature or you can force dry it with hairdryers.  Water-based ink is best for the printing of yard goods like shade cloth either in piece form or on the roll.

Water-based inks use water as their primary solvent. Other solvents are added to ensure adhesion to the shade cloth and to speed up drying.    Water-based inks to print on HDPE shade cloth have what's called a soft hand which is that they are smooth when you run you hand over them.  They are also kind to the environment.

To print on HDPE shade cloth with water-based Shadenet Ink is ideal for high speed roll-to-roll printingwith a good drying capability. Penetration is also good which is why it works so well on shade cloth.  It wraps itself around the filaments promoting excellent adhesion and durability.

Date Posted: 2011-04-08
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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