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Cottages For Sale Near Cape Town


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There is such a shortage of decent cottages for sale near Cape Town in places like McGregor Village where life is peaceful and outdoor lifestyle healthy and enjoyable.   Life in McGregor is so awesome and it's a good place to choose if you are looking for cottages for sale near Cape Town.

The climate is completely different to Cape Town with more sunny days, less wind . . it's a Klein Karoo climate which is hotter and drier than wet and windy Cape Town.  Yes, there's no sea, but the mountains are big and beautiful, the sky is clear, a light wind comes up most evenings to cool you off and dies down in time for a braai and sundowners.

Winters in McGregor are crisp and cold and an opportunity for log fires and red wine or gluwein.  All year round is great in McGregor Village.  The McGregor cottages for sale near Cape Town are cute and in amongst the orchard.  Oh yes and if you are an avid gardener, in McGregor Village you can literally stick a broomstick in the ground and it will grow.  The ground is so fertile.

And talking about fertile the spiritual side of McGregor is very fertile too.  McGregor is situated on the crossing of ley lines which heightens the spiritual energy and vibe.  Ask anyone who's been there and they'll tell you about how their life changed from being there.  So if you are in tune with yourself or you want to get in tune with yourself, then out of cottages for sale near Cape Town, McGregor Village is the place to be.

Contact us to find out more about McGregor Village and cottages for sale near Cape Town and of all the cottages for sale near Cape Town these ones are affordable for you.  You can sell you house and have change over to invest so you can take it easy for the rest of your life.

Date Posted: 2010-10-04
Posted By: McGregor Country Cottages
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