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Get Out of the Rat Race Now - Country Cottages For Sale


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You will be lying if you tell me you are loving your work and city life.  Be honest with yourself.  You are too highly geared.  Your month is longer than your money.  In fact your life is longer than your money at the rate you are going.

If the stress doesn't get you, the cost of living will.  Is there a solution? Of course . . there is always a solution in life.  Is there a place you can go where life is the way it was meant to be at a price you can afford.  Yes Siree!  There certainly is . . . it's called McGregor Village. 

Life is relaxed and comfortable . . the cost of living is low and affordable . . life is down to earth fun and enjoyable . . the mildest depression can be lifted at one of the 40 or more wine estates within half an hours drive away . . or a walk in the surroundings mountains or for the more challenging, a mountain bike or 4 x 4 trail.  You'll never get bored . . there is so much to do, such lovely people.

For the price of a flat in an area in Cape Town you never thought you'd have to or want to live in, you can buy a cottage in the apricot orchards and you'll have lots of change out of the sale of your Cape Town property to invest and enjoy.

The weather is awesome with clear skies, starry nights, crisp cold winters with log fires and lovely hot summers days.  The simple pleasures in life cost little and living in the country is healthy and fun.  So get out of the rat race now and check out our country cottages for sale.  Kids and dogs will love it too . . .

Date Posted: 2010-08-03
Posted By: McGregor Country Cottages
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Tourism & Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, Property,

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