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Modern Leather Beds - Décor and Furniture


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Modern Leather Beds

The leather bed is a very modern and stylish choice for your bedroom; it provides a distinctive aesthetic to your home. Read on for Wyatt Fisk’s suggestions on modern leather beds.

By Wyatt Fisk

There's a surge in the need to incorporate designer modern bed sets inside bedrooms to achieve a modern vibe in such spaces. Yet, among these sea of choices, leather beds are probably the best inclusions inside bedrooms since they combine functionality and style. The popularity of leather beds can be attributed to their versatile nature, which is apparent from their ability to maintain continuity regardless of bedroom interior designs. Additionally, they are more durable compare to other bed types since they could last five times longer than other beds.

In its broadest sense, leather refers to any type of tanned animal hide and skin, primarily from cattle hide. The production of this material is achieved with the use of differing manufacturing processes that include cottage industry and heavy industry. The methods used for the creation of leather affect the overall properties of the final product. However, one feature remains common among all leather types durability, which makes them the most ideal materials for the production of modern leather beds.

When searching for contemporary leather beds, you have to consider that there are different types of leather used for their production. Each of these leather types underwent different tanning procedures that give them their distinct characteristics that set them apart from other leather. Some types of leather have a soft feel, making them preferable for feminine bed areas, while others are intentionally distressed in make-up, making them appropriate for male bedrooms. Basically, when you are about to purchase leather beds, it is important to understand what type of leather they are made from so that you would know how to properly maintain them.

Natural leather (sometimes called "aniline") is probably the most common material used for modern leather beds. This material is produced from high quality animal hides that are eventually treated with aniline dye and it is also considered as the most natural of all leather since it exudes markings, wrinkles, bites and scars that weren't concealed by tanning. Tanning with aniline lends this leather its rich colour as well as its soft, delicate and supple characteristics, which when used as material for beds provide a comfortable feel to the skin, though it must be known that it is vulnerable to stains and spills as aniline do not provide extra protection for its surface. Leather beds made from aniline works well to achieve more feminine-inclined bedrooms.

Semi-aniline leather is also tanned using aniline dyes which also give it its natural and soft finish. But, unlike aniline leather that is tanned mainly with aniline, semi-aniline leather receives an additional treatment in the form of clear sealant topcoat that gives it a protective layer to seal in the consistency of the grain in order not to ruin the integrity of leather. For the foregoing reasons, semi-aniline leather is perceived as the best leather to use for the creation of modern leather beds considering that it provides the furnishings with a certain level of protection while retaining the natural appeal of leather. Semi-aniline leather beds are ideal to establish a fun characteristic inside bed spaces.

Other notable types of leather used to create contemporary leather beds include the Nubuck or buffed leather which is a variation of aniline leather only that is it sanded or buffed to give it a soft, velvet feel. Embossed leather or corrected leather is stamped to create an even texture for the material and remove natural uneven markings for a more consistent and uniformed finish. Faux leather on the other hand, is man-made and constructed from synthetic materials to achieve the same aesthetic properties of genuine leather, and is notably cheaper than real leather.

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If you are interested in purchasing a leather bed, or if you’d like to see how unique this style is; take a look at Décor and Furniture, which has a fantastic variety in modern beds.

Date Posted: 2010-11-12
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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