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The Barcelona Chair - Décor and Furniture


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The Barcelona Chair

With the variety of modern design furniture available, choosing a chair can be demanding at times. The chair chosen should make you feel comfortable as well as enhance the look of your home. The Barcelona chair is one piece of modern furniture, which is regarded as sophisticated and stylish furniture produced in the 20th century. The chair was originally designed for the King and Queen of Barcelona. It not only made them happy, but gave the world a new and trendy chair for their home.

By Connor R Sullivan

History of Barcelona chair

Mies Van Der Rohe designed the first chair in 1929, which was inaugurated by the Royal Highness in International Exposition in Barcelona, Spain, and is considered to be the peak of a harmonized approach to material and design. It is said that the chair was a result of partnership between Rohe and architect Lilly Reich. In fact, some historians say that Reich was more influential in making the chair's design. It is said that his inspiration was an Egyptian folding chair and a folding stool, the ones on which the Pharaohs and Romans use to sit.

Design of the Chair

The initial design of the chair included frames which were bolted together. It was then redesigned in 1950 using steel and flawless pieces of metal on frames, which gave it a smoother look. The framework is made by embedding two pieces of steel bars in the front and back of the chair. Steel gives the chair high strength and supports the seat. Cushions are covered with rubber, foam and buttoned leather placed on the seat and backed by saddle-leather straps.

The Barcelona chair has a Green guard certificate which means that it is eco-friendly and hence, will not release harmful products into the air. The material from which it is made is not cheap and is properly assured by testers before going under production that it is up to the required benchmark. The leather is smooth and is soft to sit on. On the other hand, the steel frame means that the complete frame can be made with one piece of metal.

Original or Reproduced version?

In 1953, Rohe gave the production license to Knoll Company, which still holds the rights and trademark. Although it is the only authorized manufacturer to produce Barcelona chairs, a lot of companies offer reproduction. Some are excellent while others are fair enough. However, an original Barcelona chair is still the most desirable furniture of the current century. The quality of material and workmanship cannot be compared. But, if you cannot go for the original one, a reproduced chair with similar design and material used and which can fit into your budget, will also work.

The Barcelona chair, because of its rise to fame and history, has enjoyed popularity and increase in sales and production worldwide. It was almost 80 years back when the first piece was finished, and now, it has taken the world by storm with only minor changes in its design from the time it was first designed. The Barcelona chair is a masterpiece that is highly recognized by the designers and architects, regarded as one of the lucky connoisseurs for those who are able to purchase the original chair.

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Date Posted: 2010-10-22
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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