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Vases are a versatile and simple way of enhancing the décor of you home. One could use them with or without flowers, on the floor or a shelf, and the vase would still be an effective way of adorning your home.

By Jim Slate

The vase is a container. Hollow and open, it sits, waiting to be filled with decorative accessories. Without this filling, it's just a container, empty, a shell without a body hoping to one day fulfil its purpose.

There are of course exceptions. Some vases have substance, style, and grace. These gently loping pieces stand out with a certain distinction which is missing in more standard designs. They were created to be noticed, and as such, they can stand on their own.

With more independent vase designs, it becomes important to choose the contents of the piece wisely. If the vase is simple, you can stuff any old daisy in there, and the colours and the style will all flow. With fancier vases it is important that you choose flowers or other decorative devices which enhance the effects of the specific piece.

This is the conundrum of the vase. Do you get one which stands alone, which can be a permanent piece of the home, and which will require special planning when it comes to flowery content, or do you get a simple piece, which will be stored in a cabinet until such time as a purpose presents itself.

The truth is that there is room in the home for both styles of vase, and the decision should be one which is based on your needs at the time. If you have a space to fill, a decorative vase can be a great accessory. If you do not, then a simple glass or ceramic piece should suffice. When dealing with decorative necessities, it is important to let function lead over form. Form should instead be an accessory to the function of the space.

Vases are beautiful objects which facilitate the rotation of beauty. Containers, they can stand alone, or be temporary pieces, depending on the design.

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If you would like to purchase a vase for your home or office, take a look at Décor and Furniture’s online showroom. With ideas from the chaise longue and bedside tables; finding a fashionable and beautiful vase is a simple matter!

Date Posted: 2010-10-15
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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