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The Chaise Lounge is a classic for any living room, bringing both style and comfort it’s an easy choice for those looking to invigorate their home.  Daniel Goldstein gives us a bit of a history lesson on the Chaise Lounge.

By Daniel Goldstein

Chaise lounge, mention those two words and it conjures up images of Cleopatra, or ladies from the medieval times laying back and being fanned to stay cool but most people will associate this piece of furniture with the French. These two words are actually French and should be spelt Chaise Longue meaning long chair.

This piece of furniture is now having a renaissance of its own again and can be found in a lot of homes. They are no longer restricted to Hollywood movies or as the couch used in a psychiatrist office. The Chaise lounge is now finding its way back into a lot of homes. The name was changed when it became incorporated into the furniture making industry in the United States.

Unlike a normal sofa this furniture has its back along the width of the chair as apposed to the length of the chair as in a regular sofa. Normally made for a single persons use having the backrest on the width it allows the user to rest their legs on the full length of the rest of the lounger. A chaise lounge treads the thin line between a regular couch and an extended club chair. A lot of today's modern designs for the chaise lounge actually take their inspiration from the traditional club chair. They will often work in the same sort of fashion of a club chair and an ottoman combination, with the convenience of being manufactured in one single piece.

The furniture's height of popularity was during the 1800 and 1900s. As the population grew and started to move out into the suburbs this piece of furniture took on a new look being stripped down and were often seen on people's patios. Because they are so comfortable and great for relaxing in it was the logical next step for this type of furniture, the outdoors chaise lounge.

In today's hectic world it is no wonder that it is now growing in popularity again. An upholstered one makes an ideal choice for a conservatory or even an office space but is most frequently found in the bedroom where they make it an excellent place in which to escape for a few hours during the day and relax with a good book or even to catch an afternoon nap.

The outdoors one is very popular and often found on patios, decks or around a pool. This type is normally made from wood, plastic, canvas or the more fashionable material, wicker. The design of the chaise lounge is well suited for sun-bathing whilst still being able to read a book, or for taking an afternoon siesta. Because of its growing popularity you can even find a chaise lounge that can seat two people at the same time. It doesn't seem to matter where you would want to sit a chaise lounge in your home, whether it's a formal setting or the more relaxed atmosphere of your patio or deck there's a style of chaise lounge to suit any space.

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Date Posted: 2010-10-05
Posted By: Decor and Furniture
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