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Merchant Facility For Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Industry


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Are you looking for a merchant facility for the hospitality ,travel and Leisure industry?  Perhaps you are finding that more and more of your would-be guests are requesting to pay for their stay by credit card, but you don't know what it would entail, then please read on to find out about using PayGate's role in the hospitality industry.

The reason that your customers are wanting to pay by credit card is because, for the cardholder, there is no better way of paying for an overseas holiday or business travel. Thanks to the internet, the cardholder can now book and pay for the accomodation anywhere in the world by means of a few mouse clicks.  As it happens it is also the ideal method for you, as the service provider, of receiving advance payment and thereby securing bookings. A PayGate internet credit card processing facility is easy to install, simple to use, and these days, is a vital tool in the hospitality,travel and leisure industry. Using PayGate in the hospitality industry is the right way to go.

PayGate, a South African-based payment gateway provider, has designed a product called PayBill, specifically for processing credit card payments to the hospitality industry. Based on the assumption that almost all transactions will be done with the cardholder and card not present, PayGate's internet merchant credit card processing software package allows you to offer your guests the most convenient payment method, while giving you up-to-date bookkeeping figures and customer records. Authorization of each transaction and daily banking of successful transactions are done by the system.

PayGate has been accredited by all the major banks in Southern Africa and has over the years, become the preferred provider of web-based credit card processing software to many large players in the hospitality, travel and leisure industries. With a well-conducted business cheque account, a viable business and internet access, you have what is required to make use of PayGate's internet credit card processing software. Your bank will make the necessary arrangements for you to be linked to PayGate, the smart choice for getting a merchant facility for the hospitality,travel and leisure industry.

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Date Posted: 2011-03-09
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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