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Internet Merchant Credit Card Facility


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If you run a business within the hospitality industry such as a guest house or hotel, and are wondering how to go about taking deposits for bookings when your client is on the other side of the world, what you need is an internet merchant credit card facility.  PayGate makes getting an  internet merchant credit card facility easy.

Setting up an internet merchant credit card facility means that your clients can pay you by credit card without having to be present at the time. Because an internet merchant credit card facility is so quick, easy and convenient, it has become the preferred payment method for cardholders worldwide.

An internet merchant credit card facility is as simple to set up as it is to use.  A well-run business cheque account from the bank of your choice and internet access are all you need to set up a merchant credit card facility. Your bank will facilitate the process, using am accredited payment gateway provider.

PayGate, a leading payment gateway provider in South Africa has lately expanded into a number of other African countries. PayGate has developed a number of different internet merchant card processing products to cater for different card-not-present requirements.

Once your business is established, you decide if you need an interactive website, where your client can capture his credit card details and effect a credit to your bank account, or if you will interact with your client via e-mail. In that case you will obtain his permission to process a debit to his credit card account which in turn generates a credit to your business cheque account.

A n internet merchant credit card facility works equally well for travel agents, internet sales, magazine subscriptions or a monthly donation to a favourite charity. There is an application to suit every card-not-present payment requirement.  Contact PayGate to find out more about an internet merchant credit card facility in general, and PayGate payment gateway in particular.

Date Posted: 2011-03-03
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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