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mDirect – A new way to accept online secure debit card with PIN payments


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For many years it has not been possible for merchants selling goods and services in South Africa to accept online debit card payments due to limitations of the banking networks. South African customers often prefer to use their debit cards to make payments as many do not qualify for credit cards, therefore the ability accept secure debit card payments online opens up a large new client base for merchants in South Africa. PayGate in partnership with MTN and Standard Bank is proud to announce the launch of mDirect secure debit card with pin payment service. This service will allow customers to make secure payments online from their South African debit cards using their mobile phone to capture their PIN number. This service offers online secure debit card processing for the first time in South Africa.

mDirect secure debit card with PIN integrates seamlessly into our PayWeb, PayXML and PayBill online payment processing services. When making a payment using mDirect, the customer will be asked to enter their name and mobile phone number. If they have not linked a debit card to their phone number they will be prompted to register. Only one card can be linked to a mobile phone number. If the card has been registered the customer will receive a notification on their handset to enter their PIN number. The mDirect system uses the unique handset and SIM card details in the encryption of the PIN number, so the identity of the customer can be positively authenticated. Once the bank has received the encrypted PIN and authorized the transaction, the response is sent to PayGate as it would be for a credit card transaction. This transaction status is sent to the merchant in the normal way and the results of the payment are displayed to the customer.

mDirect offers a revolutionary new way for merchants in South Africa to accept secure debit card with PIN payments. As the customer can be authenticated via the use of the handset to capture the PIN number, there is no risk of chargeback to the merchant.

Date Posted: 2011-02-17
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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