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ABSA Merchant Facility - Accepting Credit Cards On Your Website


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An ABSA merchant facility for Internet credit card transactions can 
easily be obtained via PayGate payment gateway. By simply filling in
the Get Connected form on the PayGate website, your enquiry will be
directed to the right department and regional representative to speed up
the process of getting your ABSA merchant facility.

An ABSA Internet merchant facility is for accepting credit cards on your
website. For business people who want to accept credit card payments on
their website whether it's with or without a shopping cart, an ABSA
merchant facility is the way to go. To qualify, it is important that
you have a good trading track record and a business bank account.

Some Internet businesses can be approved for an ABSA merchant facility
based on a clean bill of health, a good business case and projected
turnover. The business plan needs to be sound and often the applicant
has another business or a bricks and mortar business that can prove
their case.

There has been an exponential increase in businesses trading on the
Internet and applying for an ABSA merchant facility. The increase in
bandwidth in Africa and the ease with which a website can be created has
accelerated the demand for Internet merchant facilities. Customers are
increasingly more comfortable with shopping on the web these days and
there has been a significant increase in cards in circulation which
impacts demand.

Having a merchant facility for accepting credit cards on the web via a
payment gateway has become an essential element of doing business these
days. It's not about why or whether ABSA clients need an ABSA merchant
facility for trading on the Internet, but rather when they will need
one. All businesses will at some stage increase their sales and payment
via the Internet using an ABSA merchant facility.

ABSA merchant services is well geared to servicing the Internet and
eCommerce market. PayGate payment gateway will help you choose your
product and method of processing and then facilitate your application
for an ABSA merchant facility so that you can go live with accepting
credit cards on your website.

Date Posted: 2010-11-09
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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