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PayXML – Accept multiple payment methods through a single payment gateway


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When selling goods or services online, merchants often want to offer their clients as many ways to pay as possible in order to increase their sales. Along with being able to make online credit card payments, there are a number of other popular online payment services that certain customers would like to use to make their payments. PayGate’s PayXML payment service has been designed to enable merchants to have a flexible and customizable way to accept credit card payments online as well as other payment methods such as PaySum1 forex bank transfer payments, South African debit card payments and Ukash voucher payments. In order to enhance the security of online credit card payments, PayXML is also compatible with the PayProtector fraud screening service as well as being equipped to facilitate credit card authentication via MasterCard SecureCode and Verified-by-VISA.

PayXML also offers the most flexible way to be able to accept payments via the merchant website and process them via the PayGate online payment gateway. The PayXML payment service enables the merchant to design their own payment page on their website and have full control over the look and functionality of the page. When the client confirms their payment and enters the transaction details, the transaction data is then sent via XML string to the PayGate online payment gateway for processing. Online credit card payments are processed via the payment gateway directly to the merchant’s internet merchant facility at their bank. Once the bank has authorized the transaction the transaction status is then sent back to the merchant’s website to handle accordingly.

Merchants requiring multiple payment methods including online credit card payments, South African debit card payments, PaySum1 forex bank transfer payments and Ukash voucher payments can support all of these options via the PayXML payment service interface. This service also offers enhanced security by supporting PayProtector as well as MasterCard SecureCode and Verified-by-VISA. PayXML is a flexible, secure and reliable service enabling merchants to easily accept payments from multiple payment methods on their website.

Date Posted: 2010-10-11
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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