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PayGate - Accept international credit card and bank transfer payments


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Businesses in South Africa as well as other countries in Africa looking to expand their businesses online require a secure and reliable way to accept international credit card and bank transfer payments from their clients abroad. PayGate has developed a number of credit card processing services to enable merchants to accept credit card payments from both local and international credit cards. We also offer PaySum1, a revolutionary new payment method that enables clients throughout the world to make a payment to a merchant in South Africa using a bank transfer payment to a PaySum1 bank account in their own country, thereby saving on international bank transfer fees.

For merchants wanting to accept credit card payments on their websites, we have developed our PayWeb service. When a transaction is processed, the client is redirected to a secure payments page hosted by PayGate where they enter their credit card numbers and submit the payment. The transaction is then processed via the PayGate online payment gateway to the merchant’s internet merchant facility, which means that the merchant receives the money directly and does not need to wait for a payout from a combined internet merchant facility run by a credit card payment gateway. PayFX – our credit card currency conversion system – works in line with PayWeb to allow merchants to price items on their websites in any supported currency. When the transaction is processed PayFX converts the transaction amount using a current exchange rate and changes the currency code to the currency supported by the internet merchant facility. PaySum1 is also compatible with PayWeb, allowing clients the option to pay online using either a credit card or a bank transfer via the PaySum1 system.

PayGate offers businesses looking to be able to accept credit card payments on their websites from local and international credit cards a secure and reliable way of doing so. We have developed our credit card payment processing services to be user friendly for both merchant and client and to offer merchants as many ways to be paid by clients in South Africa as well as abroad.

Date Posted: 2010-08-25
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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