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PayGate – Compatibility Guide for Credit Card Processing Services


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At PayGate we have designed our online credit card processing services to be as flexible and versatile as possible to meet the needs of our clients. To offer a more comprehensive product suite we have developed a number of value-add services that can be used along with our credit card transaction processing services.

PayFX is a real-time currency conversion service which is compatible with PayWeb and PayBill. This service enables the merchant to quote clients in any of the currencies supported by PayFX. When a transaction is processed PayFX will convert it using an up-to-date exchange rate to the currency required by the merchant’s bank to process transactions to the internet merchant account. PayFX is not compatible with PayXML, PayBatch and PaySubs or the PaySum1 payment method.

PayProtector Online is a real-time fraud screening service that is compatible with PayWeb, PayXML and PayBill. This service screens online credit card payments against a number of negative databases and blocks high risk transactions before they are processed to the merchant’s internet merchant account, thereby reducing the chance of a fraudulent transaction being accepted by the bank and later resulting in a chargeback. PayProtector is not compatible with PayPoint or PayBatch, and will require additional development if it is used with PayXML.

PaySubs is a recurring billing service designed to automatically generate a charge for a specific credit card on a specified day each month for the duration of the subscription period. This service is designed to use the PayWeb online credit card processing interface to capture credit card details when the subscription is created, and subscriptions can be modified and deleted via an interface in the PayGate Back Office admin site. PaySubs is not compatible with PayXML and PayFX can not be used to convert the recurring charges from a forex transaction amount to the currency of the internet merchant account.

PayGate’s online credit card processing services have been geared to offer the maximum amount of versatility and flexibility for merchants wanting to accept credit cards both online and point of sale.

Date Posted: 2010-07-13
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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