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Exporters Get Best Exchange Rates With Online Money Transfers To South Africa


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PayGate has recently launched an online forex service that guarantees the best exchange rates for South African exporters.  With PayGate's new online payment solution PaySum1, exporters can now send a PayBill to their overseas customers who can pay online at guaranteed best exchange rates.  Online money transfers to South Africa can now be done so easily with PayGate's new PaySum1 product.

How it works is that the exporter sends the overseas customer a PayBill which is in the form of an email requesting payment.   The customer clicks on a payment link in the mail and chooses his home currency.  PaySum1 automatically converts the rand amount into his home currency for payment.  The customer then does an EFT in his home currency to the designated PaySum1 account in his home country.  PayGate pays out the exporter the full rand amount quoted without deductions.

There is NO COMMISSION on PaySum1 online money transfers to South African exporters.  Exporters receive the full rand amount with no deductions.   Customers get the best exchange rates for their online money transfers to South Africa.  Everyone wins.   PaySum1 can also be part of an online shopping checkout payment system for exporters who are selling goods or services on the internet.  The other good thing is that the transfer is irrevocable and can't be charged back.

Here are some of the benefits of the PaySum1 world leading new online payment solution:
- You save money on Swift and wire transfer fees
- There is no inbound receiving fee (up to R500 per payment charged by local banks)
- There is no charge back risk on EFT's
- PaySum1 is up to 15% cheaper than using bank transfers
- Exporters and their customers get guaranteed best exchange rates
- There are no transfer fees
- Zero commissions

How It Works:
- You issue your customer a PayBill by email and he is directed to PaySum1 payment page
- PaySum1 automatically converts the Rand amount into the Foreign Currency equivalent
- Customer EFT's the agreed home currency amount to a designated bank account in his home country
- PayGate pays the Merchant the exact and full Rand amount originally quoted

What customers say:
"The most amazing payment system we have had the good fortune to find. No commission, fast, secure and easy to use"

PaySum1 is an ideal product for online money transfers to South Africa at the best exchange rates to rands.  For customers who need to buy South African rand or transfer to South African rands for their product purchase, moving money to South Africa and forex payments to South Africa can now be simply done and are FREE of commission.  Customers can pay from pounds to South African rand and exporters getting paid from overseas and do it at the best exchange rates for receiving rands.  International payments to South Africa . . GBP to ZAR, USD to ZAR, EUR to ZAR, and payments to South Africa from 50 countries are supported with PaySum1.

To sum it up, exporters get the best exchange rates and there are no transfer fees or inbound charges.  PaySum1 makes online money transfers to South Africa easy.  Exporters receive the full amount of Rands owed by the client without any charges deducted.  Contact PayGate now to find out more about online payment solutions to suit your export business.

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Date Posted: 2010-06-03
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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