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PayProtector Online – Fraud prevention for online credit card payments


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Many businesses have chosen to increase their target markets by taking advantage of the global opportunities offered by the internet. In order to be competitive in the fast moving e-commerce environment, businesses require a secure credit card payment processing system via a reliable online payment gateway so that they can accept credit card payments from both local and international credit cards via their websites. As the business owner often does not interact directly with their clients making online credit card payments, they need to be able to ensure that credit card fraud is not taking place. In order to offer businesses the maximum amount of protection against credit card fraud PayGate has developed the PayProtector Online fraud prevention service for credit card transaction processing.

PayProtector Online is recommended for merchants using our PayWeb or PayXML credit card payment processing services to accept credit card payments on their website. PayProtector Online screens incoming transactions in real time against extensive databases containing data from known High Risk (and potentially fraudulent) transactions and users. If the transaction is found to be High Risk it is blocked by PayProtector and is not sent to the internet merchant account for authorization so that it can not lead to a chargeback at a later date. This system has proven to be very effective in reducing the number of fraudulent transactions for large merchants in the airline, travel agency and tourism and travel industries who have previously had difficulty with fraudulent credit card use.

PayProtector Online offers a reliable and easy to implement fraud prevention solution for businesses wanting to offer credit card payment processing on their websites. Due to the prevalence of credit card fraud we recommend that merchants consider using this service if they are using our PayWeb or PayXML services on their websites to accept online credit card payments via the PayGate online payment gateway. PayProtector is highly recommended for businesses looking to reduce the possibility of credit card fraud, such as businesses in the airline, travel agency and tourism and travel industries.

payprotector online

Date Posted: 2010-05-18
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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