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The dynamics and demands of the online payment industry are rapidly changing from "more ways to process and credit card payment:" to "more ways to get paid online".   Over the past ten years PayGate's new online payment solutions were product driven and led to the development of the following payment products.   At the bottom of the page is the changing new world of new online payment solutions - all available through a single payment interface.

First, here are the Online Payment Products developed over the years

PayPoint - PayPoint is available inside the back office.  You as the merchant enter a cardholder's details on a secure payment page to process a transaction. The transaction is sent to the bank immediately and you know within a few seconds if it has been approved or declined.

PayWeb - PayWeb allows you as the merchant to receive payment on your website from cardholders. Integration is easy (for a developer) and plug-ins are available for leading shopping carts.

PayBill - PayBill combines the easy of use of PayPoint with the convenience of PayWeb.  You use your back office to send a payment request or PayBill via email to your client. The email contains a link to a secure PayGate payment page. Your client keys in his/her card details on this secure payment page and payment is made to your merchant account. No web development is required.

PayBatch - PayBatch is available inside the back office.  PayBatch is for merchants who process large volumes of transactions that can be batched and sent to PayGate for processing. 

PaySubs - PaySubs allows you as the merchant to easily set up recurring payments for automatic processing. It is ideal for club membership or list processing.   

PayXML - PayXML is for 'more technical' merchants and allows your developer to completely control the look, feel and function of the customer interface and pass the card details to PayGate in the background for processing.  Ideal for call centre terminals, mobile development, and secure websites.

PayFX - PayFx allows you to quote pricing on your web site in the international currency of your choice and transparently shows cardholders how it is converted to your local currency.  PayFX plugs neatly into PayWeb.

PayMobi - using PayXML you can configure mobile payment to reach the exponentially increasing mobile market and to get paid using the thousands of mobile applications being developed annually.

PayProtector - With PayProtector transactions are screened (for potential fraud) in real time, before they are sent to the bank. Transactions flagged as High risk are blocked  immediately by PayGate and not sent to the bank for processing.

And now the roll out of a range of New Online Payment Solutions

Ukash - Ukash is one of the new online payment solutions and a way for you to accept payment from people who don't have credit cards.  They purchase a voucher from any of the major retailers and pay with it on your website.  PayGate allows merchants to accept Ukash vouchers as payment.

PayPal - PayGate merchants will soon be able to receive payments from PayPal users worldwide and with a mere flick of a switch it will become available to their customers on the checkout page.

- PaySum1 is a new international online payment solution for merchants who can now receive money from 55 countries worldwide.  The customer EFT's to PayGate in his home currency in his own country and PayGate pays out the merchant in rands FREE of commission and at a guaranteed excellent exchange rate.

Debit Card - From the end of next month merchants will be able to get paid with a South African debit card online and at the flick of a switch this payment option can be made available on the merchant checkout page.  This new online payment solution introduces millions of new customer opportunities.

iPayEFT - Soon merchants will be able to get paid automatically by their customer from their internet banking facility at the checkout. The payment is activated, the merchant populated as a beneficiary, and the amount transferred to the merchant at the time of purchase.

Credit card worldwide - PayGate is now integrated for processing credit cards to more than 70 banks worldwide for merchants who qualify for a merchant facility with their bank of choice.

So if you are looking for a solid and innovative payment gateway with new online payment solutions then contact PayGate now.  The product market is mature and the key to success of your online business is to introduce valuable new online payment solutions which significantly broadens your target market of people who can buy from you easily online.

New Online Payment Solutions

Date Posted: 2010-05-17
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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