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More Effective Forex Transfers into South Africa for Conveyancers


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Incoming forex transfers to South Africa for purchase of property and payment of conveyancing fees here in South Africa can be expensive when it comes to commissions and exchange rates.  Conveyancing attorneys can now save on forex charges and exchange rates for funds coming from outside South Africa and take advantage of this simple and automated payment method.  Forex transfers into South Africa for conveyancers just became easy and at the best rand exchange rates with PaySum1.

With PaySum1, conveyancers can now get paid simply, effectively and cost-effectively by overseas property purchasers.  The amount required in ZAR is billed to the overseas person.  The rate is automatically fixed via PaySum1 in the payer's home currency at the best rand exchange rates.  The payer then pays in their home currency by EFT to a designated bank account.  The amount is paid out by PayGate to the conveyancer as soon as this clears.  The conveyancer is notified of the progress of the payment and receives a confirmation email of payment of the funds by the payer. 

The exchange rate is world beating (best rand exchange rates), payments are made FREE OF COMMISSION and there are NO FOREX BANK CHARGES.  The cost to the South African conveyancer is only R10 a transaction and a minimum fee of R50 a month.  With PayBill, the conveyancer sends the customer a bill to pay online which can be done from the comfort of their home in their home country and in their home currency.

Advantages to South African conveyancers receiving forex transfers into South Africa
A simple way to get paid by overseas payers
Save money on SWIFT and wire transfer fees.
Save money on incoming South African bank fees
No delay waiting for the bank to notify you of incoming funds

Advantages for your payers paying conveyancers via forex transfers into South Africa
Up to 10% cheaper than using their banking system for electronic transfers.
A simple EFT to their local bank in their local currency in their own country
Guaranteed the best exchange rates
No international transfer fees
Zero commissions (client pays R50 on amounts smaller than R5,000).

PaySum1 is an international payment method for conveyancers.  PaySum1 is powered by Exchange4free who are a global foreign exchange service firm regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the United Kingdom to provide Money Remittance and Payment Services under the new Payment Services Directive (PSD) of 2009.   Exchange4free is a world leading foreign exchange service provider who has been operating in the United Kingdom since 2003 and processes over 50,000 individual payments for 20,000 clients worldwide every year.

PaySum1 is a new online payment method from PayGate payment gateway for forex transfers into South Africa (making forex payments to South Africa) at the best rand exchange rates.   The exchange rate is world beating, payments are made FREE OF COMMISSION and there are NO FOREX BANK CHARGES.   PaySum1 is another great product PayGate brings to South Africa that is ideal for conveyancers to get paid effectively and economically.  More information is available on the PaySum1 website.  If you are interested in receiving easy, least cost and best exchange rate payments from overseas, go to to sign up now.

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Date Posted: 2010-04-22
Posted By: PayGate Payment Gateway
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